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Exodus Moving Bobbie and his company Exodus Movers are phenomenal. I have used them several times over the course of 5 to 6 years. It is the only company that has never damaged my property and always comes through no matter what. The packers are excellent. The packers offer excellent service. Whether in need of interstate or local moving, you can trust us in handling and transporting your items with care.

We are a full-service moving company providing local moving, interstate moving, and long-distance moving. Exodus Moving offers affordable prices and moving quotes without sacrificing quality and no hidden fees. We understand that not all moves are the same and we want to bring you the best experience. Additionally, we offer a moving price match and discount.

Tell us about the quotes received from other moving services (professional, storage service, local mover, packing services) and we will match it or offer a cheaper moving quote. Our moving process is simple and we will customize a moving plan just for you including professional packing services for local and long-distance moves.

read more › Exodus Moving is a family owned moving company in Dallas. True to our motto "Families Serving Families", we have successfully provided moving & storage services to many families in the Dallas metropolis at reasonable cost. We are a team of committed and highly proficient movers in Dallas and we take full responsibility for every aspect of your move. Exodus Moving will provide you boxes if required, otherwise, we will shrink wrap your personal belongings, pack and unload the trucks, and move your items in the most efficient and expert manner.

read more › Starting in 1998, we have provided over 40,000 residential moving for families all over the Dallas Metro area. Our experience helps us understand the challenges and changes a family faces moving to a new location, and we factor those challenges into each job we take. From financial stresses to emotional distress, moving can have a tremendous impact on the lives of each family member. However, we Exodus Moving is proud to say that we have helped thousands of families move into their new homes with a smile on their face.

read more › We provide consistent, reliable, and professional commercial moving services for businesses. We understand that moving a business is a delicate process that is directly tied into a company's bottom line. With the exodus moving company you can be confident that all of your business items will be moved quickly and safely. We offer competitively priced moving services coupled with unparalleled service and experience. For us, our priority is getting all of your furniture, fixtures, and equipment where you need it when you need it.

read more › So you decided to make one of the biggest moves of your life, possibly to take a new job or to move in with the love of your life, all the way on the other side of the country. Now you have to decide how you will get yourself and your belongings to your new home. Well, with us there is no need to worry. We have been a part of thousands of moving adventures, and we'd love to take a part in yours! Exodus Moving is a full-service packing, and moving services. We are the specialist when you're moving to or away from Dallas - Fort Worth.

read more › Think of how much time you spend preparing for a trip across the country. More than likely, you plan for weeks, possibly even months for your journey. You don't want to forget any item that you might need along the way. Now take that amount of time and multiply it by thousands and you just might come up with a number that accurately reflects the stress of inter state moving. For that reason, it is important to align yourself with a moving company that is capable of handling the job. Here at the Exodus Moving Company we understand the stress, planning, and organizing that goes into a big move and we are prepared to help every one of our clients meet those demands.

read more › Moving to a new city can be a stressful experience, but with us it doesn't have to be. As a full service moving company, we can help you check one more thing off your to do list. Moving from an apartment can be particularly stressful because of the small spaces and often awkward staircases. Leave the heavy lifting and packing to us. We can move you across the country or across town from one apartment to another, whatever your needs are we can help you meet them. Our apartment moving has transplanted our clients in everything from studio apartments to luxury high-rise apartments, and countless other buildings.

read more › The hassle of moving to a new city is stressful to say the least, and if you are attempting to do it all yourself it can be virtually impossible. That is why we have created customized moving plans to fit your schedule and needs. We offer free moving quotes that help you price shop with ease. In addition, we can also provide you the specialized services including loading and unloading your home. Packing, sorting, and moving everything you have collected in your life can be overwhelming. We understand that each individual has sentimental items that are impossible to replace which is why we take special concern to carefully load and unload your belongings in the safest way possible.

read more › Every aspect of moving can be stressful. From deciding where you will relocate to forwarding your email, there is so much that has to be done in a short time span. At the end of the day when you come home from running errands in an effort to prepare to make the big move the last thing you want to do is to start packing your valuables. Looking for you, you no longer have to. Here at Exodus Moving Company we can take care of your packing and unpacking without so much as you lifting a finger in the process.

read more › The state of Texas is consistently listed as one of the best places to live and work in the United States. Low unemployment rates and steady job growth have made Texas best places to move to. Cities like Dallas, Austin, and Houston have seen incredible growth over the past decade and are on pace to only continuing the trend in the coming years. Additional perks to living in Texas also include no personal or property state income tax, mild temperatures in the winter, and literally thousands of things to do all year long.

read more › Here at the Exodus moving company we understand that heavy lifting and moving is not easy for everyone. Those of advanced years may find it particularly difficult to move their belongings to a new location. For this reason, we have created our senior moving services. As a family who has lived in and served the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over a decade we take our commitment to the community seriously. We want all of our clients to be completely satisfied with our work, and we make sure that is the case every time.

read more › A mover who transports a shipment of household goods strictly within Texas is required to register with TxDOT and follow consumer protection guidelines. However, the prices charged by movers, including valuation fees and insurance premiums, are not set by TxDOT. You will have many choices of household goods movers. Since the prices and services offered vary from mover to mover, you may want to shop around before hiring a mover. Additionally, you may wish to call TxDOT to verify whether your mover is properly registered.

read more › We hope you will find helpful these tips on packing your small articles so that they can be safely moved. Small articles such as dishes, table lamps, pictures, and other fragile bric-a-brac must be thoughtfully and carefully packed in boxes if they are to arrive at your destination in as good condition as they were prior to being packed and moved. Packing for moving is an art requiring a certain amount of expertise and know-how. Exodus Moving has a well trained and qualified staff to do any part of the packing you might prefer to leave to us.

read more › You can use your refrigerator or freezer to store clothing items such as blankets and draperies. All items with engines such as your lawn movers should be completely drained of gasoline and oil. It is advisable to wrap your dishes and your glass wares individually and use bubble wraps to protect them in the box. When storing your photographs or albums, store them in a climate controlled location to avoid heat damage. Create some room between the walls and your items especially if you live in a highly humid environment.

read more › About 20 minutes from the heart of Dallas is Carrollton, Texas. Being the best Carrollton Movers, we have served this small community for over a decade and offer our premium moving services for residents moving to and from the area. With little more than 119,000 people living in its city limits, Carrollton is a growing town and is the 23rd most populated city in Texas. What does that have to do with Exodus Moving Company? Well, everything! Our business is directly impacted by the amount of individuals moving to and from the city every year, and we are invested in making that process as smooth as possible for each and every one of them.

read more › Just 20 short minutes from downtown Dallas, Desoto has seen a boom in population growth over the past few years. Exodus Moving has played an active role in that boom by providing quality customer service for moving as the best Desoto movers. Every step of the process is taken care of for all of our clients. From packing up all your belongings to successfully moving them to your new home in Desoto, we make moving easy. Most moving companies charge outrageous fees to do the most basic tasks. However, Exodus Moving is different.

read more › Exodus moving is the #1 Flower Mound moving company. Don't hassle with the job of packing and unpacking your items in your new home. Let us take the load off your shoulders and make your new home just as beautiful as it can be. All you have to do is tell us what you want moved and where you want it moved to and we will do the rest. Our job is to make sure all of your belongings are packaged well and shipped properly to their new location. When you choose us you don't have to worry about any of your items being broken or lost.

read more › Grapevine is about 20 miles from downtown Dallas and is one of the many areas we service in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Here at the Exodus moving company we understand how difficult moving can be. Having been in business for over a decade, there literally is no job that we have not already taken on. From commercial moving to apartment moving, to new residential moves in Grapevine we have done it all. Let us help you take the stress out of moving by doing it for you. All you have to do is point and tell us what items you need packaged and we can do the rest.

read more › Exodus moving and storage is the the best Uptown Dallas movers company. Don't overpay for moving services, we can do all the hard work for you without costing you an arm and a leg. We have worked in the Dallas Metro area for the past 10 years and have received the honor of being Dallas's best moving company. Call us for your free quote and discover for yourself what makes our service so phenomenal. Uptown Dallas is the cities hub for art, culture, and entertainment. It is home to one of the most unique neighborhoods in the entire state of Texas.

read more › Being the best Euless movers, we provide every service under the sun that you need in a moving company. We can pack, unpack, load and unload all of your items for one low fee. We don't charge you by the hour or demand extra hidden fees be paid upon arrival. We know you have plenty of other things to worry about when it comes to moving, and we want our part to be the best part of the process. Our goal is to go unnoticed and make it seem as though your personal belongings magically appeared in their new home without you lifting so much as a finger.

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