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LA Movers Founded in 2002 in Los Angeles CA, LA Movers is a licensed and insured local moving company. We have remained a family-owned business since day 1 - which is why our community loves us! We are licensed and insured - which means that your mind can be at ease during the entire moving experience with us. We will always handle your local move in a professional manner.

We are reliable - when you need your items at the destination on time, we are the guys to call. We make our moving services easily fit into everyone's moving schedules with absolute ease. We are punctual - when we provide you with a time of arrival for our movers, that is a guaranteed time which means that there will be no late arrivals or unnecessary downtime during your move.

We are trained - our professional movers are background checked, highly vetted and trained to perfect the skills needed to provide you with a flawless moving experience - with no exceptions. We at LA Movers typically do not do moves as small as one-item moves, due to the fact that we have a 3-hour minimum charge.

read more › Founded in 2002 in Los Angeles CA, LA Movers is a licensed and insured local moving company. We have remained a family owned business since day 1 - which is why our community loves us! We take care of the moves we are trusted with in a completely unique and personalized manner, which will provide you with a completely different moving experience than you were expecting. We wanted to stand out - which is exactly how we found ourselves where we are today. Our large selection of moving services will enable you to construct the exact moving experience you wish to receive, and if you have any additional requests - we are always more than happy to hear about them!

read more › We will provide you with a simple outline of the moving process with LA Movers and what to expect on the day of your move. Reserve us for your moving day! During this phase, we will gather as many details regarding your move as possible in order to develop a moving plan that is completely personalized and coordinated with the conditions of your move. We will handle the logistics on your end and make sure that your move remains as organized as possible! LA Movers offers all-inclusive moving rates with no additional or hidden charges.

read more › You and your family don't need to experience absolutely any stress during your upcoming residential move - let LA Movers show you how! They will gather some simple details regarding your move and provide you with transparent pricing for our services along with a simple outline of the process. This is when we will gather a few more details regarding your move and look for the best moving approach to ensure its success. Your moving consultant will be available to you at any point during your move, for any moving related questions, concerns or advice.

read more › Are you tired from all of the tasks on your to-do list and have no idea where you are going to fit your commercial move in? Keep going. LA Movers offers commercial moving solutions that will easily make your moving troubles go away - and help you get back in business before losing clients, time or money! The commercial moving services at LA Movers are designed in a very meticulous manner, as we want to ensure minimum downtime during your relocation while keeping the level of our service high. We want to set new standards in the world of commercial moving - and provide you with a satisfactory service every single time.

read more › Forget about the apartment moving challenges ahead of you - and hire the most competent and attentive apartment movers in Los Angeles CA to take over on your behalf! How easy would moving be if your items would just appear at your destination? With LA Movers - they can! Our movers take the complexities of apartment moving and make them disappear in the blink of an eye - and with vast experience in the moving industry under their belts - there are no exceptions to this. What can our apartment movers do for you?

read more › Need to move your items in or out of storage quickly? The best storage movers in Los Angeles CA are here to provide you with the most convenient storage moving solutions! When you need help to move your items in or out of a storage unit of your choosing, the movers at LA Movers can be an easy decision! With almost two decades of experience in the local moving industry, we know that we have what it takes to provide you with the easiest storage moving solutions. What does the process look like? Depending on the items you plan on moving in or out of storage, your personal moving consultant at LA Movers will provide you with an accurate estimate.

read more › When you need the help of the best packers in Los Angeles CA to take care of the packing phase of your move - you call LA Movers! It's really a no brainer, as our packers have two decades of moving experience and know how to prepare each item you own to ensure its maximum safety during the process ahead. When you need a reliable packing service that is completed in the fastest possible manner - you call us. We know how much time and effort goes into packing your belongings - and we are willing to tackle the entire process for you.

read more › Are you already tired of everything you need to do before, during and after your move even though it hasn't even started? You are most likely looking for the best movers in Los Angeles CA to trust your entire local move with. Who better to call then one of the best local moving companies Los Angeles CA has to offer? LA Movers has vast packing and moving experience under the belts of our movers that are ready to provide you with the easiest moving solutions that will result in your satisfaction!

read more › Labor moving can require a lot of heavy lifting that you might not want to have to go through. Getting that heavy couch up or down some stairs can seem impossible, as well as loading that pod or unloading that large U-Haul. Thankfully, the best furniture movers in Los Angeles CA are dedicated to taking the weight off your shoulders! No matter the situation, whether you are staging your home, redecorating, rearranging some household items or preparing for a special event - we got you covered. Our professional furniture movers are background checked and highly vetted individuals trained to perfect the craft of furniture moving in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

read more › Even though you have spent so many joyful years and made plenty of beautiful memories in your current home, the time has finally come for you to upgrade and move on to the new and exciting stage of your life. Moving is one of the greatest and yet one of the most difficult and the most stressful events in the life of a person. There are so many mixed emotions, joy and sorrow are taking their turns while you are thinking about all the great things that are awaiting you and all the dear ones that you are saying "goodbye" to.

read more › Living in the city of Los Angeles CA can be a dream come true for most people, but finding the perfect living space in LA can be quite an intimidating task to complete. With home prices going through the roof, you might be having a hard time looking for a place that ticks all of the boxes. Finding a good neighborhood with a large selection of amenities, abundant green spaces and recreational opportunities along with close proximity to Downtown LA can be a tricky gem to find - but not impossible.

read more › There are a lot of things you need to get done before your move, and these things can add up very quickly. One of the worst parts of moving for almost everyone is having to take their entire household worth of belongings and place them into boxes. This is the process that takes the most time and effort, which is why most people are looking to make it as easy as possible. With some of our packing tips, you can simplify the entire process on your behalf and turn it into a simple process during which you won't need to stress as much.

read more › We at LA Movers typically do not do moves as small as one-item moves, due to the fact that we have a 3-hour minimum charge. However, we are able to complete moves no matter how big or small they may be, even moves that require relocation only one item. Checking Google, Yelp or the BBB can be a good start when looking for movers. Search for 'local movers near me' or 'furniture movers near me' can also be a good way to find movers that are close to your area. Asking people that you trust for reputable moving companies is another alternative that can be a good way to find movers to tackle your upcoming local move.

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