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1+movers Let us show you what Royal Standard means. 1+MOVERS can offer a variety of moving services. You can request a moving crew and a moving truck or just a great team to help you load and unload, or just pack and unpack. 1+MOVERS is here to help. Our expert team members are trained and can be trusted to work with the utmost care. Full Moving Services include the use of a moving truck as well as the help of our expert moving teams.

Our Loading and Unloading Services include the assistance of our expert moving teams and the use of our tools and supplies. In-Home Rearranging Services are for all those heavy moves around the house, room swapping, and jobs in one location. Delivery Service include the use of a delivery truck as well as the help of our expert moving teams. Office Movers Services include the use of a moving truck as well as the help of our expert moving teams.

These services can be added to your Moving Service Package or you can order them individually! We are proud to provide an ELITE LEVEL of service to our community in Nassau Bay and Houston, TX.

read more › That's right you can BOOK NOW Online! 1+MOVERS is proud to be a full-service moving company. We offer both residential moving services and commercial moving solutions. Our expert movers and packers are trained to handle all items with the utmost care. Let 1+MOVERS show you what Royal Standard means! Everyone knows how life can get so busy you forget some of the most important things. Also, sometimes it's just not easy to make an important decision in a split second. For this reason, 1+MOVERS is proud to offer online booking for your move, your make-ready needs and any other service we provide.

read more › Moving is no easy duty! Therefore, the best way to ensure your comfort and the safety of your belongings and property is by choosing the right movers. First of all, you want movers that are friendlier than neighbors. Second, you want movers that are committed to quality. Last but not least, you want a moving crew that knows your worries. Hence, the moment you call 1+MOVERS, you will find you are talking with a trusted friend that understands your needs. Full Moving Services include the use of a moving truck as well as the help of our expert moving teams.

read more › 1+ MOVERS' Full Moving Services include the use of a moving truck as well as the help of our expert moving teams. We charge a one-time Service Fee and have hourly rates. Your one-time service fee includes the use of the moving truck and our moving supplies. The supplies included are the two-wheel and four-wheel dollies, moving pads and blankets, and shrink wrap. Our minimum hourly charge is the initial one and a half hours, which we charge with the service fee as your moving deposit. On moving day, the hourly rate for your chosen package will begin after the initial one and half hours.

read more › 1+ MOVERS' Flatscreen Wall Mounting can be a convenient package addition to any of our moving service options! If you need to use our Flatscreen Wall Mounting services separately then the following guidelines apply. We charge a one-time Service Fee and have hourly rates. Your one-time service fee covers the cost of gas and mileage, and our supplies. The supplies include the tools used to secure your screen and mount to the wall of your choice. We DO NOT provide the brackets or mounts. If you need such mounting equipment, please let us know so that we can provide you with the proper mount and add the cost to your final total.

read more › Local errand running, home sitting, auto services, pet care, medical appointments, eldercare, and much more. Life is about making the most of our time AND having the time to appreciate the things that are important to us. We can help with that! The use of a service vehicle is included with this service option. Also included is the gas and mileage for all moves that are within the Houston, TX and surrounding areas.* All of our service options include our excellent team members! They are experienced and ready to assist you with all of your relocation needs.

read more › So what can 1+MOVERS do as far as cleaning? We can help with your home, your office, your garage, an event crew, you name it! Since 1+ opened its doors, we have been receiving nothing but, support from our community. Because of this, 1+MOVERS keeps expanding their list of services. Thanks to our exciting new services we get to come closer to our community and reach a new level of trust among the entire Houston TX area.

read more › One option is to provide us with a detailed list of all of the items to be moved. We recommend also including details of the walkways, doorways, and driveways so that we can make assessments of the time needed to get those items moved where they need to go. Use this space to tell us about the location and any service requirements that are needed. Please provide a detailed room and item list. You can also inform us about any items that need special attention or handling. To help us make an accurate estimate please provide as much detail as possible.

read more › Luckily 1+MOVERS has gathered the best articles online to help with all things packing, moving, and rearranging. Consider booking your movers ASAP to make sure you secure your appointment at your desired day and time. We are at your service. Our expert teams are here to handle all things moving and packing. Moving can actually be quite simple. Unfortunately, many people are unprepared and caught off guard. Use these moving hacks and tips and you'll be fully aware of all of the best things to do to prepare for your next relocation.

read more › All we need is your referral's name, phone number, and moving date. For every referral that results in a Full-Service Move, you will receive a $20 gift card of your choice. After the job has been completed you will receive your reward. Please provide us with your referral's information. NAME, PHONE, and MOVING DATE are required. You can also provide their pick-up and destination addresses, moving details, and any notes you would like to add. Click Submit to complete your referral. 1+MOVERS will contact your referral and assist them with their move.

read more › 1+MOVERS presents reviews & testimonials because we like hearing about other people experiences before we try something new! 1+Movers is a moving company that serves League City. It provides a diverse range of moving solutions such as packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, and delivery. The company offers a basic full-service moving package that includes moving pads, shrink wrap, dollies, and the use of moving trucks. Its movers also provide in-home rearranging services to assist clients with moving items from one room to another.

read more › Where do many start their careers? 1+MOVERS is always looking for new talent. Thanks for helping us be the best! Careers are here. So, we are looking for Team Leaders and Team Members who are friendly and hard working. Since we pride ourselves on our elite service and royal standard, we want all of our employees to do their best. We train all of our teams to work together as well as the proper ways to pack, wrap, lift, and move efficiently and safely. First and foremost, a kind, honest, and loving individual whose main intention and focus.

read more › It is an ABSOLUTE HONOR to have you reach this part of our website. Contact us and experience amicable, honest, trustworthy moving dispatchers dedicated to offering you and your needs absolute attention. Let us know your needs and we will gladly do everything in our power to offer an appropriate solution. Our moving services are vast and we are constantly working on improving and expanding them. Our moving services are vast, hence, we are constantly working on improving and expanding them. It is an honor to be able to offer a variety of services that not only brings us closer to our clients but, allows our community to see our commitment to grow and improve.

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