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1st Coast Express is a licensed and insured professional moving company based out of Jacksonville, Florida. 1st Coast Express offers services throughout Florida to residential, commercial, and long-distance clients. Great service begins with great people and real experience, which is why we put so much into choosing the best people to join our team.

You'll always have a crew who knows punctuality, safe handling and driving, and excellent customer service inside and out. All moves are insured. We aim to not only meet your needs, but also exceed your expectations of what a moving experience can be! Jacksonville, Fl Movers. Professional Jacksonville, Fl Moving Company. Professional Jacksonville Moving Services.

5 Star Jacksonville Moving Company. Long distance Moving Company. Our Jacksonville moving services range from the simple to the more inclusive depending on your specific needs. 1st Coast Express is a professional moving company that will customize your move to reflect the services you desire.

read more › Listed above is a wide range of relocation services provided by our company! We offer relocation services nationwide. We have a team of professional movers that takes passion in ensuring that every job is done correctly according to each customer individually. Our movers will take care of all the heavy lifting for you, as well as protecting, packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking all of your goods. Every type of service has an ALL-Inclusive hourly rate, hourly rates vary in price depending on how many Professional movers are requested by the customer.

read more › Please take a moment to provide your information below so we can contact you with a FREE estimate! When Completing Form customer should be as detailed as possible to ensure that a 1st Coast Express representative will respond with the most accurate estimate of their knowledge! When completing the "Details of your move" section, customer should include: Size of House, Description of items being moved out of bedrooms (living room and dining room included), List of Garage items, List of High Value Items, List of Appliances, Amount of packed boxes and/or Amount of boxes need for packing services, and How many flights of stairs are involved!

read more › Our Jacksonville moving services range from the simple to the more inclusive depending on your specific needs. 1st Coast Express is a professional moving company that will customize your move to reflect the services you desire. You will be provided with a Professional Moving Consultant from 1st Coast Express to effectively plan and manage your move from beginning to end. Even if you are moving across the street, there is still a certain amount of stress involved. Our amazing Apartment movers in Jacksonville Fl have made the stress of stairs during a move look incredibly easy!

read more › Our company specializes in the packing and unpacking services requested by customers! Our professional movers are trained to ensure that every individual good is packaged safely to make certain that nothing is damaged during the transit of your goods! We understand how precious our customers's goods are to them and take pride in ensuring every last piece is handled with care. Unpacking is also another service that our company provides. Our movers will carefully assist our customers in the unpacking of goods and assisted with arranging goods exactly how the customer intends.

read more › 1st Coast Express is one of Jacksonville, Florida's leading straight truck delivery service company. 1st Coast Express specializes in offering customers with affordable and easy shipping services. We offer services that allow customers to take care of their standard shipments in minimal time! A straight truck delivery utilizes trucks equipped with boxes for hauling cargo in a shaded, fully protected environment. Straight truck carriers are ideal for those who want to move standard sized cargo over long distances - and need it moved fast.

read more › 1st Coast Express services Jacksonville and it's surrounding cities' commercial and residential needs, with junk removal services. Our Jacksonville junk removal services provide a fast and easy solution for all your hauling needs with the removal of junk and unwanted items. Our Jacksonville Junk removal services offer a fast, reliable, and affordable way to get rid of junk. Our 1st Coast Express team with take all actions to ensure that every need of each customer is met. The methods we use in the disposing of junk and/or unwanted items are safe and more importantly acquiescent to the rules, regulations, and guidelines given by the state of Florida and the city of Jacksonville.

read more › 1st Coat Express is one of Florida's leading logistics provider! We take pride in accommodating the needs of our clients. Feel free to contact one of representatives regarding any of your needs! Our Team will take every action to meet your needs. If you don't see your needed service listed above give us a call regarding your needs and our representatives will take pride in making it happen!

read more › This company was awesome! The rate was affordable with no hidden costs. Brandon and Nile were very professional and efficient! I plan to use this company again and I do recommend them to anyone who needs a moving company! These guys were awesome. Lowest price and high quality. Respect to the business model - they seem to undercut the competition (on price), while providing phenomenal quality service. I had a very positive experience and HIGHLY recommend them.

read more › Was recommended this company by a close family friend. From start to finish they did an exceptional job was recommended this company by a close family friend. From start to finish they did an exceptional job. They arrived on time, they were extremely courteous and polite, Handled a difficult moving job with ease, took great care of my belongings, and transported everything to my storage unit perfectly. Would highly recommend this moving company to anybody. Job well done! 1st Coast Express definitely delivered on our move.

read more › 1st Coast Express is based out of Jacksonville Florida. 1st Coast Express services all over the United States. Our local moving services are based in a the city of Jacksonville but we offer long-distance moves all over the United States. 1st Coast Express is one of the leading moving company's in all of Florida. Our company has completed thousands of moves in the Jacksonville area to maintain our 5-star reputation. 1st Coast Express offers a variety of services, so prices will vary. 1st Coast Express takes pride in offering high quality moves at the lowest possible price.

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