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Florida Mover R Us FL Movers R US serves southwest Florida and points from Key West to Pensacola. We are a second generation, family-run business. We pride ourselves in being the "No Hassles" moving company because we manage your move from beginning to end. We handle all the stressful details of your move for you. Extremely smooth and very professional. Moving is stressful, but this was enjoyable.

They were on time, gracious, very careful with all our belongings, considerate of my time, and generally a true pleasure. I would highly recommend this family owned and operated business to anyone. Florida Movers R US was absolutely wonderful, 2 young men that cared for our belongings, were punctual, courteous and extremely capable. They treated everything with respect!

Would use them in again heart beat! FL Movers R US scheduled our move on 1 days' notice. They were prompt, professional, and hardworking. Our new place was a third-floor walk-up and our move was the first week of August (aka HOT), but they got it all done.

read more › When should I call a moving company? Do I need an estimate? Yes. An agent will make a survey prior to the move regarding your properties to be transported. It is required to determine the exact cost estimate of the move and the amount of space your possessions will occupy on the truck. The agent will estimate the service cost and give you a written Estimate/Order for Service. Bear in mind that in most cases these estimates are only guidelines. Charges for local shipments are generally calculated on an hourly basis.

read more › We have been providing excellent moving services for both residential and commercial establishment for years now. We transport our customers' valuables with our fully-equipped state-of-the-art line trucks. When it comes to moving services in Florida, FL Movers R Us is unrivalled in terms of diligence, professionalism and proper handling. We are a BBB accredited company providing the best solutions for all your moving needs, executing every move with an exceptional degree of careful handling and with precise timing, making sure that you stay on top of your endeavors always.

read more › You're finally moving to the Florida Gulf Coast for a life of sun tanning, swimming, fishing, and golfing. Don't let packing interfere with your good time. Florida Movers R Us can pack, ship, and unpack your things quickly and efficiently. With one of the South's most scenic coastlines, Pinellas County attracts thousands of snowbirds and new residents each year. We offer comprehensive relocation services to year-round and seasonal residents, including short and long-term storage. Don't waste your time loading your car up with redundant, seasonal items.

read more › You and your family just bought your dream house in Hillsborough County. Between signing up for a new school and starting a new job, you might not have time to move your items yourself. Let Florida Movers R Us transport your belongings so you can take care of what's most important to you. Our movers will relocate your residence's contents-whether you're moving locally, anywhere within Florida, and even across state lines. We pride ourselves on proper handling, so you don't have to worry about your more delicate items.

read more › If your family just bought that dream house in Southwest Florida, you've already got a lot to do. Closing on the old place, changes of address, signing up for a new school maybe even starting a new job. Our professional movers will relocate your residence's contents-whether you're moving locally or anywhere within Florida. We pride ourselves in the safe delivery of your personal possessions, large or small. You'll not have to worry about those fragile or valuable items either. Florida Movers R Us also provides long- and short-term storage for your belongings.

read more › FL Movers R Us provides full-service moving and packing for all of your Florida home move needs. We call ourselves the "good hands movers" because we can handle all your moving concerns and provide a stress-free moving experience. We're a second generation, family owned and operated moving company. Each team member is fully trained and tested before we allow them to handle your possessions. We are proud to say our standards cleanliness, professionalism and courtesy are second to none. We are happy to provide you with all the packing materials you need to pack everyday items.

read more › Commercial moves require special care. After all, you have a business to run, just like we do. Our commercial movers work around your schedule which means, end of the work day, second or even third shift schedules. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional service before, during and after the move by assigning a project manager to work with your team in the planning and execution the move. Our objective for every move is on-time completion, with minimal disruption and down time. You can count on FMRU to be on time, with the right equipment and an experienced team ready to work with you until the job is done and done right.

read more › When most folks think about moving they worry about the bedroom set, the piano or dining room table. You certainly don't want anything broke or scratched and that is a realistic expectation you should have of the mover you choose. On the other hand it's the small, breakable and valuable items that are at the greatest risk during your move. One solution is to move some of that, a little at a time in your own car. Many times that option isn't is not practical. FL Movers R Us offers professional packing services that are guaranteed and insured.

read more › When should I call a moving company? The earliest possible time would be the best. It's wise to give your moving company four to six week's notice, as much as possible. The more lead time you can give, the more likely they'll be able to meet your preferred delivery schedule. All moving companies require alternate pickup and delivery dates to their standard type of services. You will be notified in advance of the loading date for your goods and of the estimated arrival date. If your pickup and delivery dates are critical factors such as lease expirations or real estate closing, you may choose an additional-cost service which will enable them to accommodate an accurate schedule.

read more › We offer realistic price estimates to each of our services. We pride ourselves as a no surprises, stress-free mover, Let the FL Movers R Us experts do the work for you. Residential - In order for you to get the most accurate estimate, allow one of our agents to visit your place. Our friendly agent will estimate all your valuables and explain pricing in detail. You will have the opportunity to ask our agent all of your queries and concerns. We offer free estimates so don't hesitate to call us. Commercial - One of our friendly and experienced moving consultants will come to your office so that we can advise you if you need extra services like packing and unpacking to give you an accurate pricing, all these estimations come free of charge.

read more › Isn't it great when a plan comes together? When magically everything goes exactly as planned? How often has that happened to you? In reality, the complexity of a home or office move is a logistical challenge that can feel like the planning of a space mission. One objective is trying to make sure the day you move out and the day you move in are perfectly timed. Inevitably, last minute snags in construction, closing or other turnover issues means you can't get in to your new place when you need to.

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