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Red Rover Moving & Storage Tampa Whether you need a new storage solution or help moving long distance, we'll provide you with greater convenience at less cost. Move. Store. Our 8' trucks are designed to be easily maneuvered through crowded city streets. With side access on your 8' storage container, you'll be able to move the ramp around the truck to load from either side. Make your way through tight city streets or into small driveways with an 8' truck with a rear access 8' container.

Our truck's ramp can be extended up to 15ft, making loading and unloading with our free dolly a breeze. Our most popular truck/container configuration. Whether you're packing up to move, or need to put some things in storage for a while, our 16' container on a 16' truck is the perfect solution for your moving and storage needs. Need to store your stuff, but avoid having to crawl through a packed storage unit to get to something?

Our (2) 8' containers on a 16' truck give you the flexibility to pack the items you'll need easy access in one, and stuff you'll leave in storage in the other.

read more › Red Rover is Fetchable Storage. You book your container at one of our convenient locations and pick it up on your schedule. You don't need a truck. We let you use one of ours. We also provide free fuel, free roadside assistance and free state of the art driver's aides such as backup cameras. Use our truck for the day (8 am-midnight) and return it to one of our locations when you're ready. We'll put your container into storage at our Storage Center for as long as you need. Wondering how to get started?

read more › Red Rover pairs your portable storage containers with state of the art trucks to ensure that you and your contents are as safe as possible. They are brand new, sanitized between every use, and our process requires no face-to-face interaction. In general, an 8' container will hold 1-2 rooms worth of goods, and a 16' container will hold 3-4 rooms worth. This is an estimate based on a moderately furnished home or apartment. The amount of space you will need will vary based on the amount of and size of your belongings and how efficiently you load your container.

read more › We've combined the best aspects of rental trucks, portable storage, and mini storage and subtracted the high prices. It's your storage unit on a truck that you drive for FREE. Local or long distance, let Red Rover be your moving & storage companion! This company is local and reasonably priced. This company really went above and beyond to help make things easier for our move despite the health emergency. Real people, I would highly recommend them to others for moving and storage. Just did phase one today of the storage rental.plenty of directions and check ins leading up.vehicle was ready and I was off to load up my house!

read more › Put Red Rover up against any other method of moving and storage, and you'll see why we feel we've created the "ultimate breed" of moving and storage services. Regardless of if you're looking for the lowest cost, the most convenient, or help handing a complicated move, you'll find that Red Rover checks all of the boxes across the moving and storage industry. Red Rover was designed to be a lower cost, more convenient alternative to a portable storage container that is dropped on your property. We've eliminated expensive delivery and pick up fees that can nearly double your monthly storage rate.

read more › Schedule and book your storage container on our site. We'll have it loaded on one of our trucks and ready for you to pick up at one of our locations of your choice. Once your pick-up date arrives, your container and truck will be waiting for you to bring home to load it up. All of our trucks feature a remote controlled Easy-to-Load ramp and a complementary dolly for you to use to help load your container. You'll be able to use our truck from 8am to midnight on the day of pick-up, so once you're all loaded up, just head back to our lot and park the truck in the designated spot.

read more › Red Rover is a new breed of moving & storage. We've combined the best parts of today's available moving and portable storage services into one, making your next move easier than ever. Simply reserve a container and pick it up at one of our convenient locations. We'll have it loaded onto a truck for you to drive home, load up, and return to us when you're done. We'll store it for as long as you need or transport it to one of our other service areas if you're moving long-distance. Red Rover set out to simplify moving and storage and put more control in the hands of the customer.

read more › A New Breed of Moving & Storage in Florida. Red Rover Fetchable Storage offers customers the convenience of a moving truck with the portability of portable storage unit. Save time and money on your next move. Come on over to Red Rover. Nobody knows moving and storage in Florida better than Red Rover. Founded by Pete Warhurst, the original founder of PODS, Red Rover set out to combine the best parts of Florida moving and storage offerings into one. What we've created has provided our customers with a unique, efficient, and cost-effective solution for your moving or storage needs.

read more › Red Rover Fetchable Storage provides residents of Massachusetts, and those moving to the area, with portable moving and storage solutions, customized to your budget and capacity needs. Below, you will find our existing locations for portable storage units in Massachusetts. Learn more about portable storage containers, compare rates, or explore where Red Rover is currently available. Are you planning a move out of Massachusetts? We have specific pricing and plans for you, too. Red Rover was created to deliver an improved solution for customers in need of a flexible and reliable storage and moving service.

read more › Red Rover is your comprehensive solution for Fetchable Moving & Storage in New York. We are proud to provide our New York customers with cost-effective and flexible moving trucks and storage services, customized to your budget and capacity needs. Learn more about our current locations in the New York area, as well as container sizes and pricing options below. Backed by over 150 years of experience, Fetchable Moving & Storage at Red Rover is more affordable and convenient than your traditional options.

read more › Are you in need of a flexible, portable storage container solution? Are you moving to or from Rhode Island? Red Rover Moving and Fetchable Storage may be the perfect solution for your needs. We offer multiple sized options for storage containers and free use of a state-of-the-art truck for local moves. Learn more about how Red Rover makes self-storage easier, smarter, and more convenient below. You'll also find your locations to choose from in the Rhode Island area, as well as current long-distance destinations.

read more › Red Rover is now proud to provide South Carolina Fetchable Storage and moving truck solutions. Find out more about our portable storage below, compare rates, or find the best location for your storage container needs in South Carolina. Red Rover Fetchable Storage was founded by Pete Warhurst, previously the founder of PODS. The company's goal is to provide consumers with a new way to approach their moving and storage needs in South Carolina. Each person chooses their portable storage unit size and has on-demand access to both the container and a FREE moving truck that enables your storage unit to be loaded directly onto the back of the truck.

read more › Planning a move to the Lone Star State? Red Rover is now offering our long distance moving service throughout the state of Texas to our customers. Use Red Rover to load up your belongings at your old home, and we'll handle transportation straight to your door at your new home in Texas. As the network of Red Rover locations continues to grow throughout the country, we are proud to offer long-distance moving services to our customers who are headed to Texas. As more and more families are leaving populated areas in the Northeast and Midwest, we felt that establishing a delivery network in Texas to assist customers with moving to Texas would be a great way to get Red Rover stated in the Lone Star State.

read more › Our Nassau County Red Rover location is conveniently located in the center of Long Island, offering our moving and storage services to residents throughout the Nassau and Suffolk counties. With major roadways like the Long Island Expressway and Jericho Turnpike just minutes from our yard, getting to and from Red Rover Nassau County from anywhere in Long Island is quick and easy. Red Rover Nassau County offers portable storage containers in Long Island that we load onto a truck for you to drive.

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