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Minneapolis Movers Minneapolis Movers offers a full range of moving services to both residential and commercial customers. With over 50 years of combined moving industry experience our dedicated & professionally trained move crews are prepared to accept your moving challenge! We are ready and eager to help customers in the Twin Cities and surrounding metro area. Whether you're moving a residential home, apartment or a commercial property Minneapolis Movers will be there every step of the way.

We will be opening in the Spring of 2019 and we look forward to serving you! Moving specialists are standing by ready to assist you in getting a quote for your upcoming move. After we know where you are moving from; moving to, and your inventory, we then provide you with a detailed quote. Minneapolis Movers is a residential and commercial moving company serving Minneapolis and Saint Paul Minnesota.

With over 50 years of combined moving industry experience, we service the greater Twin Cities metro area. Whether you're searching for local movers near me or trying to find cheap movers on craigslist, we can assist you in moving your home or office at an affordable price.

read more › Moving is both exciting but yet somewhat stressful. It's the perfect time to downsize and start anew. With so much going on the last thing you need to do is worry about who your movers are. With Minneapolis Movers, we understand that your property is more than just boxes and pieces of wood. They are memories from your life and need to be treated with the care they deserve. Our movers are trained and certified in the art of moving. We wrap all of your furniture in double thick moving pads and shrink-wrap or band each piece.

read more › Finding local movers in Minneapolis can be tough, especially if you hire the wrong movers or moving company. We get it; you may want to scour craigslist for cheap movers, but that is very risky. Scams happen all the time with unverified companies. There are a few good Minneapolis Moving Companies to choose from; we happen to be the best. Don't struggle with lifting furniture and boxes we can do it all for you at an affordable price, with movers you can trust. When looking at other moving companies, be sure to check on whether they are licensed, bonded, and insured.

read more › As a long-distance relocation company, we strive to pay attention to the little things. Our customers demand it as long-distance moves take precision and planning. Our Minneapolis moving company often move household goods and commercial goods across state lines. We serve the majority of the Midwest with professional movers and newer equipment. Our relocation specialist will plan your long-distance move with you, going over all costs, details, and dates. Many of our customers understand that moving cross country can be a challenge, but with a little planning and an expert move crew, easily accomplished.

read more › One of the most stressful aspects of moving is packing and unpacking; it is ubiquitous to find many customers underestimate the sheer volume of belongings they have and how they may organize and pack those belongings in a safe, secure, and organized way. Having friends help you move is great, but plenty of your household items become quickly damaged, broken, or lost. Then there are the appliances which are at times too large and cumbersome to move by yourself. Luckily, we are here to help. Let Minneapolis Movers and Packers, pack your home from top to bottom.

read more › Moving an Apartment is much like hunting for one. You try and find something you love; then you commit to the plan. Along the journey, you finally meet head-on with; "How will I move"? Maybe you're a DIY mover who has never given much thought to using a moving company. Either way, you found the right place to learn about and get a quote on your upcoming apartment move. In reality, apartments are misleading. They seem small enough to be "cheaply" moved, but how long is that walk? Are you on the third floor?

read more › So, the dilemma. You've already figured out what you will be using to move your home with. Whether its a POD, UHAUL, or other moving truck equipment. You've called around and have found that 99% of all moving Minneapolis Moving Companies have the same answer, we send out movers in a 26 ft. Here at Minneapolis Movers, we put only the labor into move helpers or labor-only movers. We've reduced the cost of service while maintaining the same professional moving crews trained and certified in the art of moving.

read more › Minneapolis Movers is a professional moving company that can assist in moving you or a loved one over the age of 65. Whether you live independently or in an assisted living center. All Minneapolis Movers employees have been screened and are required to take safety and ethics courses making them suitable for such a sensitive task. We offer a wide arange of moving assistance for all generations and medical issues thru out Minneapolis and the Metro Area. We understand the delicate nature of these moves from firsthand experience and are willing to go the extra distance with compassion, patience, and courtesy.

read more › We also provide Safe and Gun Safe Moving Services, You can find out more by visiting our Safe and Gun Safe Moving Services. Despite that decision to purchase was based on great design, the main reason for our rating is very responsive support. I highly recommend their customer support because of their prompt response time and helpfulness! Thank you BoldThemes!

read more › Whether you're in Downtown Minneapolis or have settled for the greener pastures of the Minneapolis and Saint Paul suburbs, our professional office movers and cubicle crews can manage your office relocation with ease. When downtime costs you money it is essential that your business gets moved in a properly, professionally, and quickly. Our moving crews minimize downtime by being trained and experienced in commercial moving. Running a business is already stressful enough without the added worry of you movers being on-time, or inefficient.

read more › Moving in Minnesota can be a challenge, especially during winter months. But Minneapolis Movers excels at the challenges of Minnesota Moving. We have one dedicated location in Northeast Minneapolis. From there we work within a 150 mile radius of the Twin Cities. As our travel time does dictate cost, please keep in mind that all moving companies charge a travel fee or a trip charge. Which is travel from shop to (1st) house and then from (2nd) house back to the shop. This cost is what pays for the movers, the truck, and the equipment.

read more › Moving in Blaine and searching for a Moving Company? Looks like you've found the right place. With over 50 years of combined moving industry experience, Minneapolis Movers has the professional moving services you need at an affordable price. Whether you or your family are moving from an apartment or a residential home in Blaine, we are the professional movers who do the heavy lifting for you at an affordable price. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Moving can be stressful, that's why as a moving company we are committed to satisfaction.

read more › Moving in Maple Grove can be a challenge, especially in winter. As a moving company from Minneapolis, we understand the need for affordable and professional labor services. It's hard to come by good moving helpers, friends are only so close. That's why we created this company. To do good work for good people. Whether you're moving from Minneapolis to Maple Grove or even Maple Grove to Saint Paul, Minneapolis Movers will be your moving ally. Ready to tackle the challenge of moving so you can relax and enjoy life.

read more › Looking to move your home or office in Woodbury Minnesota? Minneapolis Movers offers affordable and professional moving services to Woodbury residents. We are a moving company you can count on with over 50 years of combined experience in the Twin Cities moving industry. Our movers are certified and trained to handle small moves and big moves of any complexity. We are bonded, licensed and insured. With so many Woodbury moving companies to choose from it's hard to get a good scope on what to expect.

read more › A Trip Charge is the rate for driving to the location you are moving from and from the location you are moving to in relation to the shop or transit terminal. Although some companies say they do not charge a Trip Charge all do they just call it something different like a convenience fee. It covers the man hours to get to those locations and wear and tear, along with fuel for the vehicle. We offer the following moving service within 150 miles from our terminal in Northeast Minneapolis.

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