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Dr's Chipman & Chipman Founded in 1939, we are a family owned and operated company that turns the chore of moving into an easy, stress-free task. Whether you're searching for a local, national or international mover for a residential or workplace relocation, you'll feel confident that your move is in good hands with Chipman. Plan a seamless, long distance move from the first box packed to the final unboxing.

Chipman International, a fully licensed and insured forwarding company, can handle any move, anywhere in the world. Complete a successful, stress-free office relocation with minimal-to-no downtime. Chipman has the expertise and equipment required to professionally tackle any and all of your office moving needs. Choose warehousing and distribution services designed to support your continued success and profitability.

Chipman is a trusted industry leader providing comprehensive solutions. With movers in California, Washington and Oregon, in addition to a worldwide network of agents, Chipman Relocation & Logistics expertly manages residential, commercial and international moves efficiently and to customer satisfaction.

read more › Five years before starting Chipman Moving & Storage in 1939, Arthur left the farms of Iowa with a few coins in his pocket to pursue a better life in San Francisco. After finding a steady job painting submarines at Mare Island Naval Base in 1935, Arthur began moving service members across the base in his pickup truck for extra money. As soon as his part time job produced more revenue than his full time job, Arthur embarked on his dream of being an entrepreneur, opening up his own moving business in Vallejo, California.

read more › Regardless of the size or distance of your move, Chipman will personalize all of our services to your needs and guarantee your satisfaction. Choose how much you want to do on your own, and where do you need our help. We can cater to your every need, from cleaning services to equipment set up and disassembly. With movers in California, Washington and Oregon, in addition to a worldwide network of agents, Chipman Relocation & Logistics expertly manages residential, commercial and international moves efficiently and to customer satisfaction.

read more › Chipman International offers residential and corporate relocation services to more than 180 countries around the world. Our specialized team will provide you with a customized plan to fit your needs and budget. You will have an experienced, single point of contact representative who will manage your entire relocation process. With movers in California, Washington and Oregon, in addition to a worldwide network of agents, Chipman Relocation & Logistics expertly manages residential, commercial and international moves efficiently and to customer satisfaction.

read more › Chipman Relocation & Logistics is a General Service Administration (GSA) approved carrier. We move over 100 government employees a year. We're knowledgeable in federal travel regulations, employee entitlements and the GSA tender of service guidelines. Chipman offers a Full-Value Protection Plan with every estimate to protect your belongings in case the unexpected happens. For more information on storage, please review It's Your Move Military or It's Your Move Civilian on the SDDC website or Employee Guide: Shipping Your Household Goods on the GSA Federal Supply Service website.

read more › Planning an office move can be overwhelming. From disassembly to reassembly, there is an endless number of steps that must be completed, and any delays in the process cost the company money. With the support of Chipman's office relocation services, you'll experience an efficient, successful move with minimal-to-no downtime. We have the professional expertise and equipment required to tackle any and all your moving needs. Operating since 1939, Chipman Relocation & Logistics' specialized office movers have used their extensive experience to work with hundreds of clients annually and plan every detail of their move.

read more › Chipman Relocation & Logistics is a leader in IT disconnect and reconnect services. Our team of professional IT network installers provides services to minimize downtime, identify and address specific dependencies, and migrate IT equipment to your new office location. Moving servers, computer workstations and other IT components is a delicate task. Our experts can offer peace of mind, safety, security and cost-effective solutions. Data networks must be in place to leverage the power and capabilities of IT equipment.

read more › Chipman Relocation & Logistics is a leader in modular furniture systems installation. Our furniture management solution provides clients with a complete process for getting the most use out of their existing furniture and space. We will manage your furniture from receipt of order, verification of product and condition off of specification sheets, space design, storage, transportation, installation and de-installation to repurposing. We have eight warehouses strategically located throughout the West Coast, which make up more than 500k sq.

read more › Chipman Relocation & Logistics is a leader in managing assets. With a top-rated inventory and management system, we can track your product with existing barcode tags, apply new barcodes or use the manufacturer's part number. Even if your inventory is in multiple facilities, we can show you your combined inventory information on a website dedicated just for you. Chipman Relocation & Logistics provides specialized equipment to ensure every item is handled professionally. When you choose us, you can count on cost-effective solutions, as well as a level of quality that you simply will not find anywhere else.

read more › In operation since 1939, Chipman is an experienced industrial mover with a team of quality professionals who have the knowledge, skills and equipment required to perform an efficient industrial or warehouse relocation. Whether you're moving one piece of machinery or planning a complete plant or warehouse move, our heavy equipment movers will provide complete turnkey services you can rely on. We have the specialized equipment such as high capacity forklifts, cranes and air-ride truck and trailers as well as the experienced crews necessary to get the job completed right, on time and on budget.

read more › Moving a business is no easy feat. The complexities of coordinating a commercial move could result in unexpected costs and detrimental downtimes if every step of the plan isn't closely managed. Reduce risks and minimize interruptions by partnering with a commercial relocation project manager experienced in improving efficiency and driving productivity. At Chipman Relocation & Logistics, our project managers work with you to analyze your existing process, provide guidance with best practices, and assist with developing the best solution to bring your commercial move to a successful and cost-effective conclusion.

read more › Chipman offers a complete suite of decommissioning and commissioning services. From small office projects to complex facility projects, Chipman can help with planning and executing on strategies related to asset disposition, transition plans, de-installation of assets, harvesting of hardware and software assets, migration of assets and data, as well as a completely secure chain of custody. Our team will tailor these services to the specific client requirements. Value added asset recovery options such asset reuse, asset refurbishment, parts recovery or asset recycling.

read more › Chipman Relocation & Logistics is a leader in high-tech electronics transportation. From computer equipment to copiers and ATMs, we handle your product with special care. We have the experience you can count on, and offer storage, order fulfillment and site installations. We will help you determine which domestic and international transportation options provide you the service that best fits your needs - at a price within your budget. Technology is constantly changing and as products are replaced, they need to be extracted and discarded.

read more › Chipman offers comprehensive and cost effective warehousing and distribution services and solutions to support all of your logistical needs. Specifically, we can provide warehousing, distribution, freight transportation, healthcare and hotel logistics, final mile delivery, installation, and project management needs. As a trusted industry leader, our experienced professionals are dedicated to your success and continued profitability. We offer a variety of storage and distribution solutions through our strategic partnerships with the industry's leading transporters.

read more › Together with a vast network of sister agencies, Chipman provides comprehensive transportation services to more than 180 countries around the globe. We can deliver against your most demanding timetables and will tailor transportation solutions to fit any reasonable budget. Chipman provides truckload transportation to both domestic and international clients through our strategic partnership with United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit. We offer all modes of transportation along with the best of industry resources to provide you with complete transportation management.

read more › Chipman Relocation & Logistics can provide single-source supply chain management solutions tailored to fit the scope and spec of your projects and operations. Our logistics specialists can help your organization design, plan and manage the following supply chain solutions. We provide third-party logistics (3PL) services to companies looking to source the most cost-effective and efficient procurement and distribution services for their supply chain needs. Through strategic partnerships with the transportation industry's top carriers, we can provide world-class international freight service to any scale.

read more › New property developments and renovations are time sensitive in nature and are often subjected to delays caused by disorganization and disruptions. Prevent pushed back timelines by partnering with Chipman Relocation & Logistics. Many well-known hospitality, purchasing, ownership groups, and installation companies have used our services to ensure a smooth and seamless transition. Whether your hospitality logistics services needs are in a single market, across a region or nation, or across the globe, Chipman Relocation & Logistics has the experience and resources to manage your project - without delays.

read more › Managing a large-scale move can be stressful, especially when coordinating a rollout for multiple locations. With the help of UniGroup Logistics you can benefit from a complete rollout solution. From after hours and weekend load and delivery times to waste and debris removal, we can tailor our options to fit the needs of every customer. Our experienced and qualified professionals will provide you with the hands on assistance needed to be successful in your next rollout. We're here to offer the technical and organizational assistance your business needs to stay on the cutting edge.

read more › Chipman Relocation & Logistics is a leader in transporting the many sizes and types of telecommunication equipment. Cellular sites introduce complex situations from congested metropolitan areas to remote locations. Whether you have base transceiver station (BTS) equipment, generators used at the initial cell site installation or service parts for ongoing support, we handle your product with special care. We understand your needs, and are successful because of our experience, reliability and tailored solutions.

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