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Brandon Transfer & Storage When you hire Brandon Transfer & Storage, you get the expertise and professionalism of our dedicated team! Just relax and let us carry the load. Contact us today for your free estimate! If you are looking for a moving company in West Palm Beach, FL, then choose one that is family owned and has been providing their costumers top-quality service since 1919.

With over 100 years of experience in the industry, Brandon Transfer & Storage brings you reliability and security. Taking on a move on your own is ill-advised, even if you are moving across the street, there are many details and logistics that go into the moving process that you should trust to a professional mover to ensure the safety of your valuables.

Brandon Transfer & Storage can bring you elite expertise for all your moving and storage services in and around the West Palm Beach area. We understand that choosing between moving companies is no small matter, after all, you are entrusting your most valuable belongings to a team of strangers.

read more › Brandon Transfer & Storage are movers with almost 100 years of experience in the moving and storage business providing service to West Palm Beach, Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens, and nearby areas in south Florida. According to our family records, the moving business that was founded way back in 1919, and we've been improving our customer service and adding to our experience ever since. In today's world of businesses that fold within a year or two of start-up, it is remarkable to find a company that has had that kind of presence for such a long period of time, and for our customers that means being reliable and trustworthy.

read more › Deciding to move is a big decision for all of us, because it often means lifestyle changes, a job change, and a change in scenery. If you're getting ready to move your household, finding the right residential movers can make your move less stressful, less labor-intensive, and less draining as you look toward starting your day-to-day habits or new job. Finding the right residential movers will be different for everyone, because everyone's need are unique. The best place to start is by having a solid idea of your priorities, and the services you're looking for.

read more › At Brandon Transfer & Storage, we offer full-service commercial movers and residential movers to help you with your next move. No matter how big or small your next move is, we have the expertise and resources to make it easier on you. And we're proud to be a local company that offers local movers, building relationships with our neighboring businesses and families. We've been serving Florida for more than 100 years, providing exceptional moving and storage solutions, making us a leader among moving companies in West Palm Beach, FL.

read more › When you need long distance movers in West Palm Beach, FL, choose a leader among moving companies in the area, Brandon Transfer & Storage. Whether you're moving your household goods or business equipment cross-country or just several states away, it can be a tremendous hassle unless you have all the details managed for you by long distance movers who have done it thousands of times before, and made sure customers are satisfied with the results. As agents for Allied Van Lines, we have a network of agents across the country and around the world to see that your needs are fully met.

read more › Moving to a new part of the world from West Palm Beach, FL is exciting, but can also be scary. Packing up all of your belongings, uprooting your entire life and starting over in a new country can be daunting to consider. Knowing that you have experienced international movers in West Palm Beach, FL to help you out is essential. Brandon Transfer and Storage is one of Allied's most recognized moving companies for international moving and storage services. The unique expertise offered by our team of international moving professionals ensures that your valuable items will arrive safely at their overseas destination.

read more › While planning any move can be a challenge, long distance moves are often especially stressful for families or businesses to navigate alone. That's why you need the expert interstate movers at Brandon Transfer & Storage in West Palm Beach, FL on your side, to offer logistical solutions, top-quality moving and storage services, and execute a moving plan that fits your schedule and your budget. As a leader among moving companies in WestPalm Beach, FL and the surrounding areas, Brandon Transfer & Storage offers comprehensive packing, moving, and storage services that can help your family or business relocate.

read more › Intrastate moves may not take you far, but you still need one of the best intrastate movers in West Palm Beach, FL, and the surrounding area for the job. Whether you are moving from somewhere like Jacksonville to West Palm Beach and only have a few things to move or are moving your family and everything you own and require full-service intrastate movers, we can help. We offer a wide range of customizable moving services designed to make your move seamless and stress-free. As one of the premier intrastate moving companies in WestPalm Beach, FL and the surrounding area, we offer a vast range of diverse and fully customizable moving services.

read more › One of the most worrisome parts of moving your valuable antiques and collectibles is the potential for damage. There are a number of factors that play a role in the safe transfer of irreplaceable possessions. Brandon Transfer & Storage in West Palm Beach, FL has all of the equipment and experience needed to transport these items safely and securely. Is the moving crew experienced in packing and crating fragile and valuable pieces of furniture? Does the company have positive four- and five-star online reviews written by former customers?

read more › One of the biggest hassles involved in any move is the endless packing of all household goods, or in the case of a business all the office goods. The furnishings, dishes, clothing, toys, souvenirs and all other items that accumulate over a period of years all require care in wrapping and packing safely for moving. This is always one of the most time-consuming operations of any move because it does require care for each piece, so as to avoid any kind of damage during packing or during transit to the new location.

read more › If files, seasonal items, marketing materials, orders, or heirlooms are crowding your family or your business from daily activities, Brandon Transfer & Storage has the solution for you. Our warehousing &storage in West Palm Beach, FL is a local, helpful resource for anyone with expanding space needs. Families can make use of our storage space because they're simply running out of space, or because of downsizing, deployment, temporary employment, or moving to college. As one of the top moving companies in West Palm Beach, FL, our warehouse is designed to climate-controlled and secured 24/7.

read more › For almost a century, businesses have relied on the commercial movers at Brandon Transfer & Storage in West Palm Beach, FL as their mover of choice for the safest, most efficient, and most professional moving experience in the industry. At Brandon Transfer, we understand that all the office equipment being moved, or the goods from your retail outlet are the lifeblood of your business, and if it doesn't arrive at the new destination in a timely fashion and undamaged, it means lost revenue to your business.

read more › There are a lot of risks associated with moving a large or small office a short distance or across the country. Brandon Transfer & Storage is a leader among office moving companies and our professional office movers have a wealth of experience in moving and storage for your office furniture and computer equipment safely and securely. We have been serving the West Palm Beach community for nearly 100 years and the business is still family owned and operated. Does my moving company have the staff and equipment required to get the job done on schedule?

read more › As a leader among moving companies in West Palm Beach, FL, Brandon Transfer riggers have been called upon to move some large items that were considered too difficult to move intact, and have still managed to achieve success while also satisfying the customer. Tasks that seem impossible at the outset are analyzed by our rigging services specialists. A plan is developed with the client in terms of which resources are needed to accomplish the transport, and our riggers put the operation into effect.

read more › Our businesses and daily lives depend more and more on tech tools and gadgets. Electronics make us more efficient and effective, but they can also make moves more complicated. If you're looking for office moving companies who can help with electronics especially, the expert movers at BrandonTransfer & Storage are ready to meet your needs. We can also assist with cubicle setup and collaborating with your office manager or building manager to make sure that copier rooms, meeting rooms, and collaborative and high-tech spaces are set up safely and correctly.

read more › As one of the leading moving companies in West Palm Beach, FL, Brandon Transfer & Storage knows that businesses in many growing sectors have specialized moving and equipment needs outside the scope of average moving companies. We've partnered with Erectors International, and Riggers & Erectors of Florida, to offer top-quality, cost-effective industrial rigging services for domestic and international needs. Often, the equipment that requires industrial rigging is more delicate or fragile than other items in a corporate or industrial relocation.

read more › At Brandon Transfer, we're proud to offer storage solutions for a wide range of uses. Whether you're a business owner who needs to store seasonal stock, or a homeowner who has family heirlooms or furniture pieces to keep safe for future use, we offer storage services that can help with your needs. Our storage services are all housed in our safe and secure facility. We use top of the line technology to maintain security for our warehouse, which is also temperature controlled and climate controlled.

read more › Residential storage solutions aren't just for clearing out the garage. In fact, many of our customers use residential storage units to make long-distance or intrastate moves easier. If your move has a complex timeline or long distance logistics, the expert move coordinators at Brandon Transfer & Storage can help you plan your move-and make use of residential storage. As one of the top moving companies in West Palm Beach, FL, Brandon Transfer & Storage offers residential and commercial storage, professional packing and moving assistance.

read more › As a leader among moving companies in West Palm Beach, FL, Brandon Transfer & Storage knows that businesses of all kinds face the need for extra storage. Retail businesses often own seasonal decorations or sale dcor that is too bulky to stay in their storefront. Small businesses might face an overflow of paperwork or financial records that need to be kept safely on file. Distributors often benefit from additional space for storage of goods, records, and equipment. No matter what kind of business you run, Brandon Transfer & Storage is here to help with your commercial storage needs.

read more › With over 100 years of providing moving and storage in West Palm Beach, FL, Brandon Transfer & Storage is a leader among moving companies in the area. In addition to world-class residential and commercial moving services, we are also proud to provide speciality moving services that many other movers are unable to provide, due to lack of proper equipment. Brandon Transfer & Storage is also a proud agent of Allied Van Lines, which means we are backed by a nationwide network of moving and storage professionals.

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