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An Extra Body Movers An Extra Body Movers was started in March of 2013 because so many people were unable to find moving assistance that was reliable, customer friendly and affordable. Many people view moving companies as predatory because of the expensive hourly charges, minimal-charges floor and expensive travel fees. We won't even discuss all of the paperwork customers need to sign that gives away virtually all of their power, options and legal recourse.

We think that there is a more customer friendly way to move your personal affects. Customers realize that moving does not have to be complicated, stressful or expensive. At An Extra Body Movers, we agree! We serve the "Do-it-Yourself" movers by supplying moving help. We don't have the expense of maintaining trucks or storage areas. We show up; get to work; finish the job and get out of your hair so that you can get on with your day.

We know that you have other things to do. Moving can be an enjoyable bonding activity where customers are happy to call on their An Extra Body Movers for special projects, college moves, relocation moves, storage runs, in-home furniture rotations, intra-dwelling moves, acquisition moves, "get-it-out-of-my-house" moves, "get-them-out-of-my-house" moves and several other moves that aren't profitable for traditional moving companies to perform.

read more › The packing phase of the move is time consuming, requires patience and lots of supplies (boxes, furniture wrap, mattress bags, padding, bubble wrap, labels, tape and so on). An Extra Body Movers offers affordable moving rates in 4 hour increments of service. Customers have the option of providing packaging supplies or having An Extra Body Movers provide the supplies. If you are not sure what which supplies and how many you will need, An Extra Body Movers will send a Packing Coordinator to assess your packing needs.

read more › We are all happy to accept a promotion in another city, fulfill a marital promise or move out for the first time. Then, after the celebrations and congratulations, we realize that, at some point, we will have to MOVE. Moving is time-consuming, distracting and stressful (mentally, physically and emotionally) for everyone involved. Virtually, no one enjoys the obligations of the moving experience except An Extra Body Movers! An Extra Body Movers uses every moving experience to accomplish ways to improve the quality of moving for our customers.

read more › These "Poloicies and Procedures" detail what we are permitted to do and how long certain items will take to move. The "Moving Tips" document helps our customers determine how long their entire move will take. We are a "Labor-Only" moving company! We do not own trucks or operate storage areas. We are available to assist you if you are renting a truck, storage container, doing an "In-home" move, "In-dwelling" move, "Walking-distance" moves, special projects, and so on. Please enter the Move Type: (Home to Home, Truck Load, etc.) [ ] Include any supplemental information.

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