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I will never forget the first thing I heard when I opened my Moving company in 2012. She's going to get eaten alive. This comment was from a man with a plumber's crack, a cigarette hanging from his mouth and black dirt under his nail beds. That's fair and it was true, I did get eaten alive, bullied, manipulated, tricked and taken advantage of. Did I run?

Yes, the answer is yes, many times. Am I still here? Yes, the answer is yes. Why you ask? Because nothing comes in between me making a living and feeding my family. Having a woman owned moving company in a man's world was not what I expected to be doing with my life, but it fell in my lap and I went with it. I learned from the beginning, I built the stepping blocks, followed the pattern and figured it out.

I would like to share my knowledge with my fellow sisters to ensure a successful move. Society has shown that women are the main decision makers in the home when it comes to home improvements, purchasing, maintenance and moving. Women were my biggest fans, my biggest competition and most definitely my biggest critics.

Move for you started in the young minds of two former Israeli Defense Force soldiers back in 2007. Re created NEW AND IMPROVED and armed with a 26 foot box truck with lift gate and plenty of man power and customer service team. Move for you is licensed with the Florida Department of Agriculture, Department of Transportation and the Palm Beach County

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