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Breeze Movers & Freight Breeze Movers & Freight is a service based moving company serving Central Florida since 1994. Unlike others in the industry, we price our moves by the hour. Our Hourly Rate is inclusive of any and all: "Travel time fees" to and from the job** along with "Mileage fees", "Destination charges", "Stair fees", "Fuel charges" and any of the other "over the top fees" that 99% of our competitors charge for.

Also, our Hourly Rate is inclusive of the necessary "Packing supplies" when you hire us to Professionally Pack your Home, Apartment, or Office. You will NEVER receive a separate bill for Packing supplies. We include everything in the rate so that you NEVER have to guess what the total cost of your final bill will be. When you hire us to Professionally Pack your Home, Apartment, or Office the packing supplies and materials are included in the hourly rate.

Breeze Movers & Freight offers a wide selection of preselected moving packages and accessories as well as individual moving boxes for that just what you need fit.

read more › This enables us to give you a Fixed Hourly Rate for your move over the phone, and it gives you flexibility in controlling your inventory list. You can save money by moving the smaller items yourself and hiring us to move the larger items. You can also hire our professionals to complete the entire move from start to finish. These movers could not be better. They have moved me twice, and I have recommended them to several friends. Every time, they have done a great job for a fantastic price. They came and within an hour everything was on the truck and ready to go.

read more › Are you moving your family to or from the Florida area? At Breeze Movers & Freight, our residential mover services will turn your move into a smooth, efficient transition. We can pack and unpack your home for you, and our packing services include all of the necessary materials that you will need. We even offer wardrobe boxes and special crating for an additional cost. If you can't or don't want to load and unload your boxes and furniture, our qualified team will do all of the work to get your stuff from one home to the other because our hourly rates always include the truck.

read more › A company-wide move is a huge project - especially if your company has hundreds of employees. You may not know where to start, how to pack everything up, or how to move all of the heavy equipment. Luckily, you don't have to try to become a professional commercial mover overnight. At Breeze Movers & Freight, our team is trained and qualified to handle commercial moves of any size. A professional moving team can move your company efficiently and quickly. With our help, you can avoid costly and timely mistakes, like ill-packaged equipment that gets damaged during the move.

read more › Breeze Movers & Freight will professionally load or unload your container or truck for you. Our moving services will give you peace of mind knowing that your belongings were loaded correctly to prevent load shifting or damage due to improper packing. Please call us to find out what size truck or container we would recommend for your move.

read more › At Breeze Movers & Freight we do business with many of the local storage centers. We can tell you what size unit you need & approximate costs associated. We can also give you information on local storage in your area. Don't settle for what they give you, locate what you need. Did you know that your move price can be reduced by selecting a ground floor storage unit?

read more › We can customize your loading/unloading date and time to meet your needs. This will prevent unnecessary problems during your move. We can load your belongings in the morning and unload after 3:00 PM, and can even leave the items in the truck for a few days(for a minimal fee). This will prevent additional moving service costs and can save you a lot of money. When faced with a situation like this, call us at Breeze Movers & Freight to see how we can help. I am closing on my old home in the morning, but can't get into my new place until 3:00 PM.

read more › When you hire us to professionally Pack your Home, Office or Apartment, the necessary Packing materials/supplies are included in the Hourly Rate. You will NEVER receive a separate bill for packing supplies/materials. A professional mover knows it's all about having the right tools to do the job, and no pro would consider doing a moving job without the necessary moving supplies and packing materials including bubble wrap, newsprint, furniture pads, and packaging tape. When Breeze Movers & Freight packs up your Home, Office, or Apartment: All necessary materials are included in the "Fixed" hourly rate (to include: boxes, tape, wrapping paper, and bubble wrap).

read more › We hope that you will find the answers to your questions among those frequently asked by our customers. At Breeze Movers & Freight, we never charge for destination charges, fuel surcharges, truck charges, travel time, to or from the job. We will also never charge you extra for any large items. All rates are by the hour and are fixed. You can go to our estimate page; answer a few simple questions and we will have an estimate to you within 48 hours. Travel time is always included in the Fixed Hourly Rate for the counties of Orange, Seminole, Osceola, and Lake.

read more › An important part of a successful move is careful and appropriate packing. Proper wrapping, padding, and boxing procedures are vital to protect your belongings throughout the move. Breeze Movers & Freight offers a full range of packing and unpacking services. To accommodate our customers' needs, trained professional packers are able to assist with as much or as little of the packing and unpacking process as necessary. Many people pack themselves, which can be a great way to economize your move.

read more › Use this Checklist to be prepared for your move and, do not hesitate to contact us for help with any of your moving needs! Notify magazines, charge accounts, insurance companies, clubs, and other organizations of your change of address. Make a "survival closet" of things for last cleanup (broom, dust cloth, etc.), as well as a snack, for survival. Cancel newspapers, cable TV, security, pest control, cleaning help, lawn maintenance, and other services. Set aside personal items, that movers should not move (clothing, paperwork, prescriptions).

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