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US Express Movers provide fully licensed and insured moving services throughout the State of New Jersey. With a strong reputation built up over years of dedicated service and expert logistics, we are proud to provide impeccable, full-service moves for all manners of residential and commercial clients. Contact us today to arrange the move of your dreams.

Even if you're not moving from Hoboken to Cape May, and just moving within your town or the next township over, you can trust US Express Movers to handle your move with the highest amount of care, attention-to-detail, and professionalism that we provide to all of our clients.

By trusting US Express with your move, you are guaranteeing yourself the premiere level of no-hassle moving service available on the market, with expert packing and unpacking, as well all the benefits of working with a skilled team that knows how to carefully handle all precious household items so that they arrive at your brand new location in pristine condition.Let's say you're relocating all the way from North to South Jersey.

read more › US Express Moving is a moving company predicated on the notion of quality service and efficiency in all aspects of the relocation process. Our reputation for excellence is centered by our commitment to provide accessible and reliable service through our trained and proficient staff. Our workers never defer from compliance, and take the time to articulate and embody your moving needs while remaining within the confines of your budgetary limitations. By adhering to the principles of Fair Market Price, we impose a price structure that remains one of the most attractive in the industry, never forsaking excellence in service quality for the exploitation of our client's budget.

read more › US Express Moving is the premier option for residential, commercial and international moving services serving the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania areas. Our company is predicated on the notion of high quality service, affordable accommodations, efficiency and compliancy. We refrain from the banalities of generic service, and treat each customer and client with personal attention, offering specific service options that are not only beneficial, but cost effective to stay within your designated budgetary restrictions.

read more › For local residential, and commercial moving services, our company offers packing and shipping relocation operations within the New Jersey areas. A local move is typically done within the proximity to your home, and is done within the same city or a neighboring location. For local moving in New Jersey we offer same day pick-up and delivery services with exclusive vehicles and our professional staff included. The designated labor time begins when our professional movers arrive and commence to load your shipment onto our moving vehicles.

read more › Our commercial moving services ensure that your office or business relocation is done efficiently and productively so that you can resume normative business operations undaunted by the intricacies of the moving process. Each commercial relocation process is designed to address your specific business or office situations. We begin the relocation process by assessing the requirements of your move and conclude with a presentation of all the available options within your budgetary limitations. Our moving consultants are experienced and professional, ready to address and inquiries you may have regarding the process.

read more › Our company offers long distance relocation services for residential and business operations. Long distance moves typically refer to interstates moves which involve crossing state lines. We do not charge shipments by weight; upon receiving a specific list of items your designated relocation specialist will be able to determine your binding and guaranteed transportation cost. This fee is known as a Flat, Binding Cost which does not change on the move date, as long as your list of items requested for service remains what was initially agreed upon on the order for service.

read more › Our company offers residential moving services for local New Jersey residents. For a local move within the same city or a neighboring location, our proximity provides a beneficial service for relocation processes. For residential movers we offer same day pick-up and delivery to ensure that your moving process is as swift and efficient as possible. Our professional staff is available to service all needs including packing, loading, and unloading of objects. We treat each of your valuables with optimal care and attention, preserving even the most expensive and fragile of items and maintaining their stability in transit and during the packing and unloading process.

read more › Our company offers last minute moving options to accommodate those determined to engage in a swift relocation process. Whether or not the nature of the last minute move is long distance or local, our professional staff provides with you with the necessary services to ensure that regardless of the preparation time, we can manage your relocation efficiently and productively. Our company provides last minute moving services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A last minute move is considered to be a move that is scheduled less than a week before actual pick up time.

read more › Our company offers fine art and antique moving for valuables of great intrinsic and monetary value. For many years our company has serviced many of the tri-state area art galleries and premier auction houses. Whether your require the movement of artwork, antiques, instruments or other valuables, our fine art movers possess the expertise to provide a secure and efficient relocation process. Our trained fine art assessment team analyzes your artwork or other valuables and builds custom crates in order to successfully package and transfer them to their designated locations.

read more › In addition to our fine art and antique services, our company also provides specialized piano relocation, to service the transportation and security of your pianos in transit to your designated location. Regardless of the size or shape of your piano, our staff is proficient to handle all of your transportation needs and ensure that your instrument is treated with the proper care and assurance during packing, shipping and unloading. Our movers provide climate controlled vehicles to ensure, if necessary, that your piano refrain from being damaged due to climate related degradation.

read more › Our professional staff will assist in the process of packing and preparation in the process of your relocation. Our experts are adequately trained to confront even the most intimidating of packing procedures, maintaining the security of your property and ensuring the proper care is preserved in transit. Our customizable boxing equipment can be tailor made to be the most productive in assisting in all of your packing and shipping requirements. You can order packages of boxes for any size room on our website, as a convenience towards packaging large or fragile items.

read more › Our company offers eviction moving services for clients, landlords, mobile home park owners, commercial real estate managers, and REO managers designed to rid property owners of unwanted tenants. If circumstances dictate that you are facing an unwanted tenant/renter, our team can aid in your specific endeavor as our professional team is proficient in handling both moving items and individuals. Our staff will work with you to ensure the relocation process is done with minimal disruption as warranted.

read more › Our company is continuously optimizing techniques that are environmentally friendly throughout the entirety of our operations. We remain committed to exhibit a role of leadership in the forefront of an environmentally conscious approach that allows for a productive relocation process while refraining from the accumulation of waste. We understand the importance of the preservation of our environment, and we are constantly searching for ways to limit our carbon footprint and help contribute to the green movement.

read more › US Express Moving NJ has served New Jersey and the surrounding communities with quality moving services We have satisfied our residential and commercial customers with the highest-quality moving and storage services. We can transport goods securely, anywhere local, long distance and international moving services. With our extensive experience, advanced equipment, highly-trained professionals there is no better moving company than US Express Moving NJ. See above our service area that we covered in Moving.

read more › The relocation process can be a challenging and exhausting effort for everyone involved. In order to alleviate stress during the move and provide some stability and guidance our company offers a variety of services to ensure that your move runs as sufficiently as possible. This includes moving tips, which provides a series of moving advice to make your relocation process as manageable as possible. Moving with kids is another section which provides information on how to effectively approach your child's moving experience and helps ease them into the transition of moving to a new residence.

read more › Not only the below 30 moving tips will save you a budle, if followed, these 30 moving tips will results in a smooth, stress-free moving experience. Get an early start, as planning ahead can provide you with sufficient time to manage the financial and physical demands of moving. Contact your insurance agent to determine whether you are covered during the relocation process. Notify all security companies and any magazine subscription services etc. of the change of address. Pack all the necessary items you will be taking with you including clothes, silverware et.c.

read more › By law, movers are required to provide basic coverage for every move at no charge. This coverage is determined by the weight, and the value of the items damaged or lost in transit remains evaluated solely on this weight regardless of the actual monetary value of the item (s). This coverage is $0.60 per pound, per article depending on the state you are moving form or to. The coverage for all interstate moves is $0.60 per pound. For example: If a night table that has a concurrent weight of 10 pounds is damaged during a relocation from New York to Miami, regardless of the actual monetary value of the table, if you were insured by the basic coverage provided by our company, your compensation for replacement or repair of the item would be $0.60 per pound evaluated to $6.00.

read more › Getting an early start on your move by utilizing our move planner could be one of the most important steps in ensuring an effective moving process. The Move planner can also reduce the stress associated with relocation by giving you the tools to get organized. Obtain a floor plan of your new residence and decide what household goods you want to keep. Contact your insurance agent, and ask them about your homeowners, or rental policy to determine whether your possessions are covered when moving. Send your new address to anyone that might need it -- insurance agents, credit card companies, magazine subscriptions, friends, relatives, etc.

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