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Let's face it: most people hate moving. It's stressful, expensive, and time-consuming if you don't know what you're doing. Plus, unless you own a truck or have a friend willing to give up their Saturday afternoon, it can be a real pain trying to get your stuff from one spot to the next. Thankfully, The Pasadena Moving Company isn't "most people." In fact, when you work with us, the top moving company in Pasadena, you don't have to worry about any of those problems.

We take on all the hard work with a smile on our faces and make the transition as simple as possible for you. Why waste time or hurt yourself trying to get all those heavy boxes down the stairs of your apartment? Our trained professionals have years of experience and can get your possessions out of the house and into our truck in no time. Part of being the best movers in Pasadena is knowing the area well.

Through our countless trips, we have become very accustomed with the area, avoiding any headaches or confusion you might experience with other moving companies that are from out of town.

read more › In recent years, being a "family owned and operated" moving company has somehow become synonymous with high quality. But, that's just not always the case. The Pasadena Moving Company is owned by two friends who have a combined 15 years of moving experience and we believe that we're even better than a family-owned business. We don't work to support our family's reputation, we work for you! While we know Pasadena like the backs of our hands, we're not just limited to our hometown. We've moved clients as far north as Seattle and as far west as Texas.

read more › In our many years of service in sunny Pasadena, CA, we've never heard about anyone being excited about moving. Sure, once you're all settled into your new place is exciting and definitely something to look forward to, but the idea of the actual moving job is terrifying to some. Which is why we are in business. Our highly trained moving crews are here to assist you every step of the way. Our guys come dressed professionally for the job and in a 26 foot truck that houses all your moving needs. From boxes, dollies and paper padding to shrink wrap, bubble wrap and wardrobe boxes for your clothes.

read more › While you have your pick of any moving company in Alhambra, we pride ourselves on providing an unmatched attention to detail, making sure each customer experience is a great one. At The Pasadena Moving Company, our movers are extensively trained, our coordinators are friendly, and our prices are affordable. You will be hard-pressed to find a better company to move your items! Although our company is based out of Pasadena, we are very familiar with all the surrounding cities in the greater LA area, including Alhambra.

read more › Anaheim is a city that has something for everyone, including two professional sports teams, Disneyland, and a booming craft beer industry. Its location makes it easily accessible to every part of Orange County, and it's a short drive or train ride to Los Angeles. Our services aren't limited to Pasadena - we're the best Anaheim moving company you'll find! Unless you're thoroughly prepared for it, moving tends to throw a ton of curve balls at you. That's why we use a very refined process drawing on years of experience to make your move as smooth as possible.

read more › Baldwin Park has a very rich history and a great local atmosphere that you are really going to enjoy. Need help getting your items there? Give the Pasadena Moving Company a call, and we'll take care of all the heavy lifting for you! Our local movers in Baldwin Park are experienced, friendly, and ready to work. Based out of Pasadena, our company is extremely familiar with all the neighboring cities, including Baldwin Park. We bring the feel of a local company but the experience of a major corporation thanks to several years of moving in the area.

read more › Burbank is the home to some of the biggest movie studios in the world including Disney, Warner Bros., and more. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to go on a studio tour while your items are being moved into your new home? The Pasadena Moving company is so close, that we may as well be a local Burbank Moving Company. So, if you're moving to or from Burbank, we're happy to help! All of our movers have extensive experience and heavy-duty training, giving them the skills to safely and quickly handle all of your items, making the moving process as easy as possible.

read more › Not to be confused with West Covina, the smaller Covina is tucked away on the eastern side of Los Angeles. The city has been used in several different films and TV shows and is an awesome place to live thanks to affordable rates and easy access to the area around it. Our Covina movers are ready to get you settled in right away. Through the many years that our movers have been in the field, they have seen just about anything that can happen during a move. This prepares them to avoid major issues during your move, and to easily handle any hiccups that may come up.

read more › Named after a massive boulder resembling a bird, this charming neighborhood in Los Angeles is bursting with life. In recent years, a huge number of young professionals have moved to the area, known as one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city. If you're interested in making the move, our movers in Eagle Rock, CA, are more than willing to help you do it! Don't leave your valuables in the hands of just anyone. Our company utilizes the expertise of highly trained and experienced movers, ready to handle any problem that may arise.

read more › When you choose us, we let you do things your way. Do you just need somebody to transfer your boxes and large furniture? We'll do it. How about a team to do everything for you, including packing your furniture and belongings while you sit back and relax? We'll do it with a smile on our faces. As the premier movers in El Monte, CA, we always put our clients first. With our team of El Monte movers, you're getting years of experience. Each team has an even more experienced supervisor making sure everything goes exactly as planned.

read more › Glendale is a great little city that boasts all kinds of fun things to do, including hiking, the theater, and fine dining. If you're moving to Glendale, let the Pasadena Moving Company do all the heavy lifting for you while you take in the sights of your new home. Our Glendale, CA movers will have you ready to settle in before you know it! Over several years of very successful moves, we've developed a moving system and refined it to make it as efficient as possible to get you moved as quickly and safely as possible.

read more › Between the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Queen Mary, and several other museums and locations of interest, there's no shortage of things to do in Long Beach. Easy access to Los Angeles and Orange County makes it a great place for commuters to live. Our movers in Long Beach, CA, are happy to get your new home up and running in no time! Many of our clients are return customers because they know the value of our great, efficient work. At the Pasadena Moving Company, we've worked hard to become the #1 moving service in the Los Angeles area, and we're happy to prove it to you.

read more › Have you ever tried parking in LA? Now imagine if you had to do it with a huge moving truck with all your most prized possessions rattling around in the back. It can be a hectic, stressful process. But, all of that stress can be easily avoided when you call on the best local movers in Los Angeles, the Pasadena Moving Company! We know just how much you care for your valuables, which is why our moving coordinators communicate with you every step of the way, keeping you worry-free. In fact, you don't have to do anything if you don't want to.

read more › There's a reason why the city of Monrovia has been used in many films, commercials, and TV shows. It boasts a wide range of culture and scenery, including several different hiking trails. We are a local moving company near Monrovia that is ready to help you enjoy everything this great city has to offer! Our team is made up of highly experienced movers, coordinators, and supervisors. Each person plays an important role in ensuring that your things get moved as efficiently as possible, saving you time and money.

read more › Situated very close to Downtown Los Angeles, Montebello offers more affordable and less hectic living while still giving access to the city. It is also only a short drive to get to Orange County and many other areas. If it's your next destination, let our movers in Montebello do all the hard work for you! Moving is often a balancing act, requiring a lot of money up-front just to get quick service or a budget-minded team that works at a snail's pace. But, the Pasadena Moving Company is not too good to be true.

read more › Rosemead is a quaint city that has great city parks, education, and leisure activities. If it's time for the big move, let our local moving company near Rosemead do all the heavy lifting for you! While we're moving all your things into your new home, you can be out enjoying and getting to know the city. One thing that separates The Pasadena Moving Company from other movers in Los Angeles, CA, is that even after the intensive training program that our movers go through, the training is continually updated to keep them ready for anything.

read more › As one of the most charming cities in the Los Angeles area, Sierra Madre is home to a serene downtown area that you'll love if you're new to the area. To help you move to or from this part of LA, the Pasadena Moving Company has talented local movers in Sierra Madre that are ready to make your move go smoother than you could have ever imagined. A moving company is only as good as their movers. That's why all of our movers undergo extensive training for months before they can even touch a piece of your furniture, with continued training as time passes.

read more › The Pasadena Moving Company has been driving around Pasadena since 2004, and with pride may we add! Being Pasadena natives, it was a no brainer that when our founders (who have worked in the moving industry after graduating CSUN in 2000) decided to start The Pasadena Moving Company, they wanted to do so in their beloved home town. Whether you're moving from an apartment on Colorado Blvd to your new place on Green Street, or your 4 bedroom single family residence to Burbank, CA - our guys are here to help.

read more › At The Pasadena Moving company our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations. We've been graciously awarded with a few Pasadena municipal awards for our dedication to both our community and our customers. From your first interaction with us, until your last piece of furniture has been reassembled at your new residence, you can rest assured knowing that The Pasadena Moving Company teams have transfer your belongings safely and made sure you are 100% satisfied. Each move is assigned a Relocation Ninja.

read more › When it comes to your business, we know just how valuable your time is. Every hour that's wasted is an hour you lose making money and growing your company. Plus, if you've been in your current space for an extended period of time, you probably don't realize just how many things you have that need to be moved. Thankfully for you, the Pasadena Moving Company are the top office movers in Los Angeles! We know that every office is a little bit different and that a general flat rate makes no sense. And, because we're happy to move both small businesses and big corporations alike, we scale our rates based on what the move entails so that you don't have to worry about overpaying for our services.

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