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Raleigh Moving Company was built to change the moving industry. Through our transparent pricing and customized quality of service, we believe there is a better experience waiting for you!. We here at Raleigh Moving Company believe in transparent up-front pricing. No more need to worry about slow movers running up the clock or a surprise bill. Local, long-distance, commercial, it doesn't matter, we strictly offer binding and guaranteed estimates.

From our selection of employees and training, the equipment and materials we use to safely transport you, to most importantly your experience, Raleigh Moving Company does not believe in anything less than the highest level of quality. Moving is stressful enough without having to think about the possibility of a company not showing up. We aren't one of the big dogs overbooking our schedule.

Big or small, high or low income, we believe every customer deserves an equally great experience. When you book with Raleigh Moving Company, we follow through.

read more › Following graduation from Appalachian State, I started my career in banking at Credit Suisse here in the RTP area. Following a few cubicles and offices later, I found myself yearning for the physical activity I had once had in sports all growing up. While still in Finance I had an opportunity to get involved as a manager part time at a local moving company. I immediately saw many pitfalls in the industry. Customer complaints about previous moving experiences were down-right shocking: theft of customer's items, damage to property with no remorse, unprepared and inexperienced day laborers, illegitimate and illegal moving companies, to price gauging and all-round manipulation.

read more › Local moves are defined as any move with a distance of 35 miles or less from load to unload. Here at Raleigh Moving Company there is no move too big or small for us to complete. Whether you are moving a couch down the street or moving a 6 bedroom home across town we are here to serve you! Through experience we have seen many scenarios across the industry, we are confident we can come up with a customized plan to meet your exclusive moving needs!

read more › Long distance moves are qualified as any move over 35 miles from load to unload. Need to go from Raleigh to Charlotte, Wilmington to Greensboro, Durham to Asheville? As long as it is within the state of North Carolina, we have you covered! Here at Raleigh Moving Company we are currently only servicing moves within the state of North Carolina, but will be expanding to greater states soon.

read more › Packing can be a complicated and timely process. Whether it is deciding how to pack a specialty item, a fragile painting, or the whole house, Raleigh Moving Company can create a customized plan to fit your exact needs. FULL SERVICE PACKING/UNPACKING - We can do it ALL! We understand life gets busy, you don't have the time to pack/unpack yourself but you want someone to care for your items like you would. Don't sweat it - our professional team of packers has you covered. DO IT YOURSELF - Want to take on the packing process yourself, but need supplies?

read more › Customers will often ask movers, "What kind of insurance do you have in case something is lost or damaged?" While the Commission requires the mover to have cargo, auto, and general liability insurance, the settlement of your claim is defined by the valuation you select. Valuation establishes the total value of your shipment in case of catastrophic loss and also governs how the mover will resolve your claim for loss of or damage to individual items. The type of valuation will cover the entire shipment; you cannot select one type for part of the shipment and another one for select pieces.

read more › If you pay someone to perform a move in North Carolina, whether the move is across town or across the state, the move is probably regulated by the North Carolina Utilities Commission (Commission). Intrastate household goods movers operating in North Carolina must have a certificate ("C" number) issued by the Commission. Such certificated movers are required to have insurance, to meet other consumer protection requirements, and to comply with the provisions of the Maximum Rate Tariff (MRT). The Commission issued the MRT to establish the maximum rates movers may charge their customers for the services they render.

read more › Raleigh Moving Company is here to help! We are very sorry for any damage that may have occurred during your move. We know accidents occasionally happen, and because of this, we are fully prepared to stand behind our work! A claims specialist will be in contact within 48 hours. Thank you for your patience!

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