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Duke City Movers Duke City Movers Inc. is a name the people in Albuquerque trust to move their things safely and securely. We are the premier local Albuquerque, NM, mover. With over 33 years in the moving business, we have done it all, moving 100's of families and businesses to new locations in Albuquerque and nationwide. We offer residential moving, commercial moving, and out-of-state moving services.

Wherever and whenever you need us, we will provide exceptional services at competitive rates. Trust our team of professional movers to safely move your personal belongings and valuable items. We Move It Like It's Ours! Get a free estimate today! Our movers specialize in local moves within Albuquerque and surrounding areas for renters, homeowners, and more.

Whether you are moving to a new home, apartment, a new office, or moving to a retirement community, we get the job done. Our movers quickly and securely load your furniture, appliances, and boxes for transport to your new home. We fasten items and ensure we avoid damage with the move.

read more › Gather all your important personal records home insurance policy, car insurance, will, etc. Book travel arrangements including hotels if necessary so you're set for the drive to your new location. Set up a list of all the phone numbers of all the utility companies at your current location and your new home. Then call them all and set up disconnect dates and connect dates that match your move out and move in schedule. Leave on the power and heat in your current home until the day after you move out.

read more › The Duke City Movers Moving Organizer is here to help you get ready for your move, whether your a customer that packs their own move or you hire us or another company to do a full service move. Deciding to pack your own belongings when moving all your things from one home to another is a big decision. The most important things to consider are how hard it is to pack, how long it will take and feeling confident you'll pack everything properly so none of it breaks. People save money when they pack their own things, it's a fact.

read more › Duke City Movers has a team of local movers that understand the intricacies involved in taking on a local move. For this reason, our moving company in Albuquerque, NM prides itself on being the reliable voice and hand that assists our customers with a move of any size. We are a full-service moving company providing disassembly and reassembly of your furniture, loading, and unloading of home goods and more at great rates. Our aim is to make your move a good one. We are a group of courteous and friendly professionals that are thoughtful of every customer and concerned about the possessions entrusted to us.

read more › Down the street, spanning the City of Albuquerque and the State of New Mexico or across American, the Duke City Movers Inc. team does what it takes to make certain your residential move is done the right way on time. Duke City Movers Inc., a long time residential moving service in Albuquerque, NM, knows that moving your loved ones and all your things is a hectic undertaking. Making a big move, both literally and figuratively, can bring on emotions of happiness and eagerness regarding your new home, neighborhood, community and most likely about your new job.

read more › Duke City Movers Inc., one of the premier Albuquerque, NM, commercial movers, offers commercial moving services in Albuquerque and throughout the State of New Mexico. It is easy to see that the employees of a company will struggle when an office move is taking place and that in turn reduces employee effectiveness. That is why when commercial moving services are being provided by Duke City Movers the move is made smoother and less stressful because the company deals directly with 30 plus year moving professional owner Richard Moya at the beginning of the move, during the move and at the conclusion of the move, when office furniture and other large items are being set-up.

read more › Corporate moves with Duke City Movers Inc. are a piece of cake. The moving manager with your company set up an appointment with you at your home for an on-site cost estimate. When they are in your home they will complete a written estimate of all your moving requirements. Your company is motivated to keep the cost of your move low and for it to be with a reputable company that both the company and you can depend on to do the job right. For your next corporate relocation move Albuquerque, turn to Duke City Movers.

read more › Duke City Movers Inc., is the premier gun safe mover in Albuquerque, NM. We offer top-of-the-line gun safe moving answers for regular gun safes. It should be known that delivering a gun safe is not as easy as lifting it, placing it our moving truck and delivering to a destination. The fact is that these days the companies that make gun safes have designed gun safes with safety aspects and design that an ordinary moving companies are not aware of or do not comprehend. A modern gun safe cannot be move like a stick of furniture such as couch or a table.

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