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Standard Price Moving If you are planning a move in and around Los Angeles and looking for one of the best yet affordable Los Angeles moving companies, then you are on the right page. 15 years ago we started a family Business "D&L DELIVERY SVCS" primarily dedicated to a white glove furniture delivery and Installation. We were working for designers and furniture stores in Los Angeles area.

After several requests coming from our customers we decided to expand our business and started working in this new challenge that we called STANDARD PRICE MOVING COMPANY LOS ANGELES. If you are looking for cheap movers in Los Angeles, then your search ends here. STANDARD PRICE (R) treats customer possessions with care and respect. The company strives to exceed customers' expectations every time it makes a move.

And they are doing it again and again as customers continue to recommend us over other affordable moving companies in Los Angeles to friends and family for home or office relocation. The company strives to exceed customers' expectations every time when it makes a move.

read more › Standard Price's services begin with a free inspection in-home, along with a written estimate. You will have the opportunity to meet our staff and we will see your items designated for relocation, and discuss the services that will be needed. Once the evaluation is complete, we will be prepared with the correct equipment to complete your move the right way, the first time. This is important because attention to detail is everything when moving. As our website clearly states, Standard Price will provide all equipment needed to complete your move without any property damage.

read more › We know how stressful it can be to relocate a company office in Downtown LA, or in sherman oaks for example. Standard Price, office movers in Los Angeles, has the experience needed to successfully move your office without interrupting your day to day operation. We are happy to schedule your move after work hours or on a weekend, whenever is most conveinient for you and your business. Sit back and let our office movers do the rest! Planning your move? To hire our office movers in Los Angeles today, give us a call now.

read more › Standard Price will work closely with you to make the unloading or loading process extremely seamless. Perhaps you don't need help with the entire process, and have moved with a Uhaul and need assistance with the unloading process. You might need help just loading and unloading your vehicle as well. We'll be there every step of the way to ensure that your home or office move doesn't put a strain on your physical, or mental self. We can also do everything in-between. If you need assistance driving, packing boxes, or even unpacking boxes, we can also assist with those jobs.

read more › You know the feeling - the garage just keeps getting messier and messier, but where else are you going to throw your unused stuff? When it comes time to clean you just can't grasp your head around it, or maybe you don't have enough time. If this situation sounds a bit like you, perhaps you need to consult Standard Price about a junk removal service. We can assess both business and residential areas to properly rid the area of excess junk! If you need help moving larger appliances or movers for your office it's no issue as well.

read more › Pianos are a delicate subject in the moving field - most people don't entrust movers with such fragile objects, but that ends here. We have moved hundreds of pianos both for residential owners and business owners. We properly assess the piano before moving it to account not only for its size, but also the disproportionate weight that we know a piano brings. If the client requests, we can also scout out both locations to make the move as optimal as possible before moving the piano. Sometimes we need to remove doors, frames, and other objects before the move can be successful.

read more › Moving a pool table, much like a piano, can be extremely difficult to move if the team moving it isn't properly trained. An educated team from Standard Price is able to move pool tables in excess of 1,000 pounds with no issue as we are properly trained. We highly reccomend you leave it to the professionals! If you want to save money and move the pool table yourself, here are a few instructions on how we do it: Disassembling The Pool Table: The first step is to remove the bumpers and the felt on the table.

read more › Los Angeles Moving Companies | Licensed and Insured Movers in Los Angeles | Professional movers in LA. Are you looking for one of the best Los Angeles moving companies or professional movers in LA to relocate to a new home in the city? Are you expanding your business and wondering how you will be able to move all the equipment, systems, files and other things smoothly? Are you worried about moving to a completely different city as it will mean much hassle? Have you been considering to sell off your house or property but don't know what you should do with the junk?

read more › Moving is a way of modern living. You cannot stay static for a long time, especially when you are planning to grow. When you are thinking of starting a new family after marriage or a new member is about to be added to the family of you two, then it becomes necessary for you to shift to a bigger house in a different location. Similarly, if you are planning the expansion of your business, you will need to relocate to a new and comparatively more productive destination. We, Standard Price Moving Company, are one of the most reputed Packing And Moving Companies in Los Angeles.

read more › When you are relocating from one place to another in Los Angeles, it is highly recommended that you should hire professional moving and storage in Los Angeles. After all, they will be the most reliable people to ensure that the move goes without much hassle or damages. Hence, if you are thinking that you won't be able to pull the whole job of relocation alone, then don't worry. Get in touch with us at Standard Price. Even after being in the industry for a few years with offering moving and storage in Los Angeles, we have gained enough reputation to ensure of the fact that you will get the best services from us.

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