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We do things the way they should be done, with a common sense approach and a can-do attitude. Our mission is to reconcile the two opposing forces of brains and brawn. When this is accomplished, it translates into value for our customers who may have previously been forced to choose one or the other. Trustworthiness > They felt their movers were honest, careful, courteous, and communicative.

Accommodation > There was something that required a little extra care and the movers were happy to oblige. Priority > They felt that their move was important to the company, and were treated as such. You can expect the crew to be well equipped with, tools, blankets, dollies, handtrucks, and straps. My name is Jesse Whitacre. I am married and my wife Karen and I have three young boys in Henrico County Public Schools.

I studied the Fine Arts at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Prior to owning a moving company I was a mover, a gallery artist, a traveling caricature artist, a dishwasher and an amateur handicapper.

read more › Hourly rate includes all parts of the service like disassembly/assembly, placement, stairs long walks etc. There are no additional charges to the hourly. You are moving from Richmond to Midlothian. We arrive in Richmond at 9 am. We load, drive and unload finishing in Midlothian at 12 PM. That's 3 hours of labor, then we add the.5 hours of return travel from Midlo to Richmond = 3.5 hours. In the interest of keeping the trucks sanitary for the next customer, we do not do cleanouts or haul trash.

read more › 3 Go around the house and gather soft stuff. Use towels and blankets from the linen closet and throw pillows for cushioning in a fragile box. 4 Make a few boxes specifically for things you need to have right away. Label them open first and your movers will know to make them accessible for you at the unload. 6 When disconnecting electronics I try to keep as many cables attached as I can, to make it easier to put back together. 8 The goal really is to get everything in a box that will fit in a box.

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