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Expert Piano Moving At Expert Piano Moving, we have over 20 years of piano moving experience and we're fully insured from the time we first touch your valuable piano, to the time we carefully place it at its final destination. Expert Piano Moving moves all types of pianos, ranging from spinets, consoles, uprights and digitals to 9-11ft foot concert grand pianos and specialty pianos of all kinds.

We safely move pianos up or down flights of stairs, over flagstone pathways or up onto balconies and more. Whatever it takes. As expert piano movers we take extra special care so as not to scratch or damage your piano in any way, or compromise its integrity as a valued musical instrument or cherished family heirloom. Keep your piano safe and call the experts!

read more › There are more than just a few good reasons to choose a specialist when your piano needs moving, especially when it needs to travel a long distance to get to its new home. The most obvious reason to call a professional for piano moving is weight. Simply put, pianos are heavy. A great deal of the extreme weight associated with any piano comes from the solid cast iron harp that holds all of the strings. No matter what the size, add to that a specialized wood casing and heavy wooden sound board, thousands of mechanical parts made of various materials and more, and even the smallest pianos (such as spinets, consoles) easily weigh in at 300-400lbs or more.

read more › Please provide us with as much information as possible so we can provide you with the most accurate estimate possible and the highest quality service when it's time for your piano to move. Please tell us exactly how many stairs the piano must be moved up and/or down at the pick up location. Please detail any other challenges or obstacles to moving the piano at the pickup location. For example gravel, grass, flagstone, steep driveway, etc. If none please type 0 or none. Please tell us exactly how many stairs the piano must be moved up and/or down at the delivery location.

read more › Expert Piano Moving is your local Albuquerque piano movers with over 20 years experience. Whether you have an old, antique upright passed down through generations or the latest, greatest digital grand, if it needs to be moved we are here as your most trusted company. As the professional movers of thousands of pianos through the years, we are experienced with the safe moving and transport of every possible type of piano in any kind of moving situation, and challenge. Up and down difficult stairways, in and out of tall buildings, up from basements, storage units and more.

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