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Enjoy an affordable and efficient move, no matter the type, scope, or the distance of your relocation! Keep your business functioning while moving your premises with our experienced commercial moving crew keeping things in order. Enjoy a smooth and stress-free relocation of your home - Family Affair Moving will take care of your move while you take care of your family.

Moving in a rush? This type of situation is not a cause for concern - you can relax with our experienced last-minute movers by your side. Have a swift, yet efficient local move while our movers keep your belongings safe at all times. No matter how fragile or bulky your items are, Family Affair Moving is here to help with your loading and unloading needs.

Get in touch with us: give us a call, e-mail us, or fill in a free, non-obligatory moving estimate on our website. Sit back and enjoy your moving process while our reliable moving team tackles the challenges of your move. As a knowledgeable and experienced moving company, Family Affair Moving has been proudly serving the Southern California region for many years.

read more › As a knowledgeable and experienced moving company, Family Affair Moving has been proudly serving the Southern California region for many years. We understand how every single move requires special attention, which is why we boast a long line of satisfied customers. From commercial to residential moves, last-minute relocations to loading and unloading services - our team of professionals will get the job done. Rely on us and let experience, reputability, and reliability take over! Family Affair Moving is a knowledgeable and experienced moving company, proudly serving the Southern California region.

read more › These two have the CAN DO attitude definitely. They did not give up even though we were ready to give up on moving an antique, HEAVY piano into a tight foyer area. Well, John and George did NOT give up! They tried everything and after multiple tries, they did it with no complaints. My muscles hurt just from watching them! Thank you so much John and George! Although I didn't personally get to interact with Gina, I know she was awesome too! Thank you Gina! This is the BEST moving company in SoCal!

read more › Looking for professional commercial movers Orange County? We have a solution for you! Family Affair Moving is here to help you with moving your start-up, office building - or an entire factory. We can help you relocate any of your office inventory, important documents, heavy machinery, no matter if you move long-distance or across the street. If you need any help with organization or transportation, do not hesitate. Call us today and let us help you relocate your office at the time that suits you the best!

read more › Moving homes is seldom an easy process. We are not referring solely to the technical aspect, but the emotional side as well. Dealing with one can hinder the other, and that makes for a bad experience overall. Whether it is just down the street or to another city, you are going to need some help with this venture. And, who better to turn to than true professionals in the business? With Family Affair Moving, you will find your relocation to be just the perfect step towards a new life. Our Orange County residential movers will make sure that you find the time to enjoy the process of making your new place into a home from its very beginning.

read more › The reasons behind the last-minute move can be many. For one, life today is fast-paced as it is. Many decisions have to be made at the last moment, and relocations are no exception to this rule. A sudden job opportunity, family issues, natural disasters are just some examples of factors that can require a last-minute move. However, you needn't face this sudden and complicated process all on your own. Family Affair Moving is a full-service moving company that can help with every instance of your relocation.

read more › When moving locally, you feel as if you have more to do than you thought. Moving away can be stressful, especially if you do it on your own. There are too many things to pack and do. That is why we, your Family Affair Moving company are there to help you every step of the way. With the various services we can provide, you will have no problem moving locally at any time at all. Call us, your local movers Orange County, and reserve a date for your move on time. You can do it even today! Whenever you decide to give us a call, we will be there for you!

read more › When looking for reliable long distance movers Orange County CA, know that we are here for you. Family Affair Moving is here to help you move your home or your office long distance - no matter the type, scope, or the distance of your relocation. Call us today and enjoy an affordable and efficient move. Let our family move your family! Our reliable long distance movers Orange County CA are always at your service. Just tell us where from or where you are moving, and we will easily relocate your home or your office.

read more › Are you in need of loading and unloading services Orange County? Do you need reliable, professional, and efficient movers to provide you with those services? We understand your concerns and are here to ease your mind. Call us, Family Affair Moving, for we have the movers and the services you are in need of. We know that we are the moving company you were waiting for. Our services and the way we provide them are definitely what you need. The certainty behind our statements is not without reason and proof.

read more › One of the most important parts of every relocation is to move your furniture. That is the reason why we at Family Affair Moving are here to give you a helping hand. While you worry about the move itself and your personal belongings, we are here to transfer your furniture from one place to another. Remember to call some of the most reliable furniture movers Orange County has to offer. Make sure you get your furniture the care it deserves. Feel free to reach to us at a time that best suits your schedule.

read more › Do you have special and expensive items that require professional attention and you cannot relocate them by yourself, such as your precious piano? That is not a rare case nor is it a problem. Do not worry, we have the solution to your problem. Pianos are fragile yet heavy and you are not supposed to move them. All you are supposed to do is call Family Affair Moving, and we will organize our team of piano movers Orange County CA to relocate your piano for you. Besides the modern and reliable equipment that you need to move a piano, our piano movers offer the experience and technique that is even more important than the equipment itself.

read more › Packed boxes are usually the first thing one has in mind when thinking about relocation. The packing process itself can be seen as a staple of every move. This only begins to illustrate the importance of this task when you plan on moving to another location. And indeed, whether you are moving just down the block, or to another country, you will have to pack. However, whether you do it yourself, or let professionals take care of it is a question of its own accord. We believe that hiring Family Affair Moving for our packing services Orange County CA residents enjoy having is one of the best things you can do for your belongings.

read more › During your move, you absolutely need supplies for moving and packaging material. And to get moving supplies Orange County CA, all you need to do is contact Family Affair Moving! Whether you are moving items out of the apartment or have a need to relocate an office space or entire business, you definitely need boxes for furniture, or archives and binders. Call us today and we'll help you decide which and how many moving boxes you need. Plus, we'll give you some expert advice on how to pack for your relocation.

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