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We are a Local and National provider of MAC (Moves, Adds, Changes) and Project Office-Moving Services. Though we are your project's last supplier, we are in many ways the least expensive and most important. With your space built, you can trust us to take you out of and put you back into business per schedule. Move Solutions is the largest quality provider of commercial moving services in Texas, one of the largest in the Nation.

Our tenured teams, our-flexible yet rigidly adherent attention to thirty-five years of office moving Tech Enabled process tools development act as a "third person" in your relationship with us; a person whose job it is to ensure performance, quality, economics, and results. Our Nationally renowned "BrassTacks" process software manages, acts as an early warning tool, provides real-time transparent communication to us, you, project partners alike.

Office Moving is one service of several that every project needs. All services and products are provided by employed teams and owned equipment.

read more › Without a doubt whatsoever, experience counts in the relocation industry. With more than 30 years in the business, Move Solutions has the people, resources, and know-how to ensure your move is a total success. From start to finish, you can count on our expert team of full-time employees to be there for you! From project managers and support staff to movers, installers, drivers and warehouse workers, our people work seamlessly to get even the largest of jobs done right. As a direct result of our excellent track record, Move Solutions has become one of the ten largest business relocation firms in the country.

read more › Office Moving takes careful planning, detailed process, and experienced personnel. The different Move Solutions services listed below are designed to work independently and together to bring you, our corporate client, the most complete offering of Furniture and Business Moving Services available. Move Solutions, a Total Office Solutions company, strives to be the one-stop shop for all of your corporate relocation and office moving needs. Essential questions to be asked of office moving service providers.

read more › Contact us and an experienced Account Manager, by onsite visit, phone call, or Zoom call, will explain our family of services, what services are necessary for your needs, and how we can help you with your transition needs. Our entire evaluation and proposal service is timely, accurate, and at no cost to you. Your Account Manager will meet with you by onsite visit, phone call, or Zoom call, to determine the scope of your move and needs and, if possible, conduct a walkthrough of the space. At that time, we will create a move plan and project proposal that fits all of your relocation requirements.

read more › Office moving today is a much, much more complex task than it has ever been. A competent office moving professional must understand the city, the roadworks, the traffic patterns, the ins and outs of dumb buildings, smart buildings, passenger elevation networks, freight elevators, building security, engineers, and the psychology of you and your firm. Your office moving professional is going to ultimately take you out of business, do his job, put you back in work with you. In the midst of all of that he or she has to understand your physical contents that need to be moved, the outside suppliers that might be necessary, all inside and outside commercial real estate project managers, you're your ever changing schedule needs.

read more › Moving locations is a complicated process regardless of your business' size. It is made all the more complicated when a moving company doesn't take the time to listen to your needs and plan appropriately. For 30 years, Move Solutions, Ltd. has been making moving from one location to the next a smooth process for our clients. The way we accomplish this is through our two-step process: listening and planning. First, we send our representatives to meet with your company and listen to you. We listen to what the needs of your business are for your upcoming move.

read more › Yes, of course. It is not so much that they know what to do as it is they know the thousand things not to do. An office move can be daunting, more so if you are the one being responsible for its success. You may feel overwhelmed about where to start. Don't go it alone; hire a Move Solutions Project Manager to be your wingman. Office moving is like flying an airplane, the faster you go, the closer you get, the further and faster ahead you have to plan. Why? Because things start happening quickly.

read more › From staplers to bookcases to files and file cabinets, you expect your property to arrive at the location in the same condition it left the old one in. Moves Solutions makes property protection a high priority. The skilled staff at Move Solutions is trained to protect your items with a top of the line processes. Our plastic crates come in multiple sizes to fit every need, so your property isn't too loose, or too tight. Thousands of thick, reusable fabric moving pads and biodegradable shrink wrap provide extra protection for furnishings and valuables.

read more › Move Solutions and TechTeam Solutions work together to provide clients with purging of electronic equipment, hard drive destruction and NAID AAA Certified shredding including certificate of destruction. Premove Shredding, eWaste destruction and Certified Disposal for a Safe and Efficient Office Move. Every office move includes the adage "Don't pay to move trash". Think of the sadness of paying your office mover to "just move everything", only to realize what is trash as it comes off the truck and has no place in your new business home.

read more › Move Solutions switched away from using cardboard boxes in our moves to sturdy plastic reusable crates more than 20+ years ago. Not only were we the first moving company in Texas to use crates, we were also one of the founding members of the United States to make the switch. Crates, unlike wasteful cardboard, are economical for the environment. Our switch from boxes to crates eliminates up to 20,000 pounds of waste from our landfills each month. Nationwide, moving crates have helped prevent almost 1 billion pounds of waste from going into the landfill each year alone.

read more › When you move, your technology moves with you. The technology your business runs on and relies upon to fuel its productivity and daily operations must be properly prepped of and properly moved during the relocation process. TechTeam Solutions, Move Solutions' sister company, provides Move Solutions office moving services with experienced, skilled technical personnel and proven process. Our experienced and qualified team of technical experts will work with your business and its equipment, ensuring each piece of technological equipment you own is carefully disconnected, packed, and moved, taking extreme care and caution with your valuable equipment.

read more › There's only one way you get to be the largest office moving company in Texas, you pay attention to even the smallest detail. Whether it's across the hall, across town, or across the country, our team of office moving experts will help you relocate with ease. From planning to delivery, setup, technology installation, and even storage, our experts always got the extra mile to ensure every step of your move. But don't take our word for it. Move Solutions - one of the best best office moving companies in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Texas, the Nation - is unique in that we employ an operations group equipped with specialized skill sets designed specifically for the care and proper handling of your office furniture, artwork, desk sets, file cabinets, shelving, computers, and conference rooms.

read more › When we say take care of your entire move, we mean it, and that includes the final clean of your vacated space. Final Clean has proven to be remarkably cost-effective for our clients, especially in those instances where there are penalties or hold over costs to be borne by the existing tenant if space does not conform to the lease move out requirements. Move Solutions will meet with your landlord on your behalf after the completion of our services to make certain all lease requirements have been met so you can receive a release of all of your deposits.

read more › Furniture Solutions Now, by appointment, will "walk" your site, take an inventory of your furniture and other assets that you wish to dispose of, take photos to correlate with that inventory, and then submit a proposal to you that values that furniture and asset base. Our proposal to you will take into account current market trends, market values, etc. It will be a proposal to absorb the entire cost of removal and disposition plus money to you, no money to you, or, if the inventory value won't cover the cost of removal, it will result in a net charge to you.

read more › Within Total Office Solutions, LLP an Enterprise Account is defined as a business entity with a global, national, or regional footprint. Enterprise Accounts typically employ professional facilities staff, employ several thousand people in multiple cities, typically with a headquarters or regional headquarters geographic footprint in first or second-tier cities in the Continental United States, Canada, and Europe. Move Solutions, Ltd., subsidiary company to Total Office Solutions, LLP provides MAC (moves/adds/changes) services, project moving and installation services, project planning, and CAFM services to Enterprise Accounts.

read more › Move Solutions is well known for the professional provision of Logistics, Distribution, Warehousing, Hospitality FF&E, OS&E and Installation services. We are the perfect contact for any logistics or distribution need. We provide either drop-off services or call driven end user appointments. Our final task, last mile delivery teams emphasize our most valuable asset; a complete focus on you and your client. Our entire effort is to take exceptional pride in building life-long partnerships through our best of class service.

read more › Whether you are moving your business across town, the country, the world, you need an expert at your elbow working for you with you. History has proven over and over that Move Solutions is that expert. For over thirty-five years our clients have relied on Move Solutions for rigidly adherent, process driven office moving services. Our three favorite words are Stable and Predictable and Anywhere! You want them to be yours as well.

read more › Welcome to Move Solutions, a top-rated Austin office Moving Company with 30+ years of serving the Austin and surround communities. Our nationally successful office moving services start with your interest, our listening, our flexible yet rigid adherence to our office moving BrassTacks process driven culture. We pride ourselves on our talented team of full-time project managers, support staff, office movers, installers, office moving van drivers, and warehouse workers. Our on-staff office movers and project managers will guide you through the process of your office relocation service to ensure you have an efficient, comfortable, and effective office move.

read more › Disclaimer: Move Solutions, Ltd., a Total Office Solutions, LLP company, is an office moving services provider, not a move consultant / project manager. We are able to make excellent partner recommendations if you need that service. As a service provider, we are eager to work with you to collect all information necessary to provide a timely, accurate proposal and move plan of your needed move, installation, "final clean", and origin decommission services. TechTeam Solutions, Ltd., a Total Office Solutions, LLP company, offers a wide array of move related technical support services.

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