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PEACE OF MIND High Touch Moving is proud to be one of New York's most trusted movers. RESIDENTIAL MOVING As you prepare to move to your new home, you will want to move with the experts. OFFICE RELOCATION The fastest possible all-inclusive office moving experience. Explore our site today and call us to let one of our sales associates answer your questions about our moving services.

We are here to assist you with local moving, long distance moving, and even international relocations and we also provide short-term or long-term storage solutions. We have more than three decades of experience, dedicating ourselves to serving the long distance and all cross country moving needs for people all over New York. Our focus is on providing you with the best possible customer service.

As you prepare to move to your new home, you will want to go with a residential moving company that has experienced professionals, such as High Touch Moving. We specialize in focusing on courteous and efficient customer service.

read more › At High Touch Moving, we have been offering innovative and reliable moving and storage services since 2005. We strive to please our clients who include major museums, corporations, private collectors and art galleries as well as residents and small businesses. We are bonded and insured, so customers can know that they are dealing with professionals they can trust with their belongings. With a BBB accreditation, we stand out from much of our competition in terms of accountability and transparency.

read more › Getting ready to live large in the upscale neighborhood of Manhattan means its either you're literally preparing yourself to live in the city's extravagant and elegant homes or you're simply setting your mind that you can squeeze your life in the tiny spaces of their small apartment rentals. Either way, moving in this expensive city in New York State may be difficult and challenging for first timers. Micro-apartment rentals are gaining popularity as it allow you to enjoy the fun of city living while saving some money for the rainy days.

read more › If you are like most people, there isn't enough time in the day to get everything you need completed. Therefore, obtaining help with your move from a local Brooklyn movers is an excellent way to change residences with as little stress and frustration as possible. To avoid being taken advantage of, however, it is important that you take time to consider your needs and look around for the best company that fits them. Here are a few tips for choosing the best moving service for you. Before you pick up the phone, you need to know what you will need help with.

read more › There are so many things to consider when you're moving in Queens; at least you can be sure that when you choose High Touch Moving, you're making a wise decision with a reliable moving company and will remedy the pangs of stress with their professional and conscientious customer service. Local moving doesn't just include residential moving, but also local business moving; not only does High Touch surpass their clients' expectations as a residential and commercial Queens movers company, but they also offer a premium storage service.

read more › The state has seen it fair share of days when all one could see what a blanket of white when one went outside. Although summer is the best time to move to a new home, sometimes moving in the winter cannot be helped. If you need to relocate in the winter, then there are several things you need to do if you want to make sure you move safely in or after a snow storm. Here are a few tips for preparing a movers New York Moving company to work in the snow. Safety is the biggest issue. After it snows, you will need to get to work clearing the walkways and steps of snow and ice.

read more › As many satisfied customers can tell you, High Touch Moving is an excellent choice to take care of transporting your possessions. We have more than three decades of experience, dedicating ourselves to serving the long distance movers needs for people all over New York. High Touch Moving is a family-owned business that is licensed, bonded and insured. Our crew pays special attention when handling your furniture and other possessions, treating them just as we would want our own family's items to be handled-safely and efficiently.

read more › Just the mere thought of a long distance move may already sound like a logistical nightmare, it then makes it harder to imagine the overwhelming feeling of anyone who are actually have to plan and move from one state to another. This large task of relocating usually take a toll on both the physical and emotional aspects of anyone relocating. We all know that its preparation itself is already time consuming, the packing process is mostly confusing, and by the time you reach your destination, you are probably exhausted.

read more › When your business need to hire commercial movers, it only makes sense to go with a company like High Touch Moving, which has vast experience and a long history of providing superior service to customers. We take pride in the fact that we get so much repeat and referral business for our commercial moving services. High Touch Moving is a family-owned and operated moving company based in New York. We are insured, bonded and licensed, and our expert movers are trained to give your valuables the best possible care when packing them up and moving them to your new facility.

read more › At High Touch Moving, we are here for you. We understand that yours is a professional company, and you need minimal gaps in production to continue running an accomplished business. Our skills at moving services means we will provide you the fastest possible all-inclusive commercial moving experience. We guarantee to get your commercial business packed, moved, and unpacked in record time. One of our key customer service goals is to make certain that your company can continue business as usual with minimal interruptions.

read more › When you know how difficult even moving one family can be, you'll understand why corporate moving is exponentially more challenging. We have expert packers and movers, who will alleviate some of the stress on you and your business associates. If your business move takes too long, you'll lose money, so you need to have a plan and stick with it, to get everything transported to your new building as quickly as possible. High Touch Moving understands the ins and outs of corporate moves. We know how to move your corporate offices in the most cost-effective way, without sacrificing good customer service.

read more › We specialize in quality moving services with a special touch. We will handle all of your belongings in a safe and efficient manner. Using our company for your office location will endow you with multiple services and benefits. Your moving process begins with a free estimate. A professional mover from our company will complete a visual inspection of the items that you need to move from one office to another. This free visual estimate will provide you with the basic information and quote that you need in order to get started on your move.

read more › If so, you're probably aware of the huge task that is ahead of you. Trying to pack all your equipment, organizing everything, and making sure that it arrives to the new location unscathed is a challenge. Fortunately, High Touch Moving can provide you with all the business moving solutions to make your move as smooth of a transition as possible. Our professional sales associates can give you tips on how to pack all your equipment. This will ensure that you have enough boxes ready for your move and prepare properly to make your move hassle free.

read more › Whether moving ten blocks or across the country, larger and more valuable items may require temporary shelter until arrangements have been finalized. You can rely on High Touch Moving Company in New York. There are many reasons why customers have not only come to recognize us as a reliable moving company, but also as an efficient storage service. Whether you're a business owner who needs to transport your belongings or a homeowner who has bought their new dream home in another part of the country, our storage facilities are ideal.

read more › Things can get pretty hectic on moving day, with so many tasks to keep track of. One of the most important things you can do to make sure moving day goes smoothly is to hire the right residential movers. As you prepare to move to your new home, you will want to go with a residential moving company that has experienced professionals, such as High Touch Moving. Our family-owned and operated company is based in New York, and we are proud to have been in business for more than 20 years. We specialize in focusing on courteous and efficient customer service.

read more › Our expert furniture movers take the utmost care in carrying items from your home or business, transporting them to the new location and moving them in. From the heaviest couch to the most delicate table or lamp, we treat each item we move with the respect it deserves. Our professional furniture movers are licensed, bonded and insured. In recognition of our commitment to providing outstanding customer service, we are affiliated with the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce in Manhattan.

read more › Trusting a piano to a mover that isn't qualified can destroy the soundboard and cost a significant amount of money in repairs. Pianos have delicate hammers and fragile keys that can easily be damaged if not moved carefully. A mover that drops the piano can complete destroy the tuning of the instrument and may cause the already tense strings to snap. Not only is this dangerous to the inexperienced movers, a broken string can completely destroy the soundboard and interior of the piano. The delicate finish on the outside of a piano must also be protected properly.

read more › The last thing a person wants to worry about when moving to a new location is the safety and security of prized antiques. You should not leave your antique moving to an inexperienced moving company. After all, your antiques may be extremely valuable and unique works of art, and if they are damaged, broken or lost, they would be gone forever. Family heirlooms, especially old, beautiful antiques have both high monetary value as well as sentimental value. They deserve the best possible treatment available, from a company such as High Touch Moving.

read more › You have finally found your new place to live, and now you must pack up all of your things. Before you begin packing, you need to contact High Touch Moving. Our Better Business Bureau approved moving company will be able to help you learn how to pack your things more efficiently. We can also teach you some of the tricks that we use to make sure that all of your valuables stay safe and undamaged during the relocation effort. Your furniture and personal items will likely be damaged during the move if you have not packed them properly.

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