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The Moving Crew's moving & packing team will help you pack before your move, or as a stand alone service. We can also professionally prep your furniture before your move day. Sit back, relax and our movers do the work! The Moving Crew's moving service comes fully equipped for moving & packing for residential and commercial moves. Our Crew movers will haul away any unwanted large items, packing material and appliances at your convenience.

This is not a stand alone service.

read more › The Moving Crew provides the following services beyond our Moving Service, we also offer: Packing Service, Prepping, Staging, and Hauling. All professional services have a minimum of 2 movers and are hourly based. Drop us a line for an estimate that is specific to your upcoming project. The Moving Crew's *Packing Service* will help customers stay organized. Packing can be a stand alone or add-on service. Your Crew movers will arrive fully stocked with a variety of boxes and packing material to assist with any packing project.

read more › Our most important suggestion that will save you a huge amount of time and money: IF IT FITS IN A BOX, PUT IT IN A BOX. When packing fragile items such as china, crystal, glass etc. wrap in BUBBLE WRAP or PACKING PAPER. Wrapping your breakables correctly before packing them in a box will help guarantee the items will survive the move. Properly label your boxes. CONTENTS and ROOM. This will help your Crew to know how to handle your belongings and where the boxes should go in the new location. Stray items that do not fit in a box should be bound together for easy carrying and storing.

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