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M3 Commercial Moving & Logistics M3 Commercial Moving & Logistics-Professional Movers for Your Commercial Assets, One Piece At a Time. M3 Commercial Moving & Logistics' services are available to make your commercial move in Arizona or around the country more manageable. M3 provides superior commercial office moving services across town or the country to meet your diverse business needs.

M3 handles hospital / medical clinic moves with ultimate care to any location in the nation. M3 provides superior laboratory relocation support for any size lab and has the necessary equipment keep lab assets and specimens safe. M3 offers large-scale moves for manufacturing facilities, from technology to cleanrooms and everything in between. M3 has provided logistics and relocation support for multiple professional and amateur sports teams around the country.

M3's Government Services Group can support any needs for our countries great National Park System. M3's FF&E team can support any hotel renovation or new hotel build with asset management, delivery, and installation support.

read more › Our team of Commercial Moving Experts are specifically trained in best practices of the industry to satisfy any type of need for a business on the move. M3 Commercial Moving & Logistics, part of the Muscular Moving Men Family, is one of the only "Commercial Only" Moving Companies that exists in Arizona. Let our team show you why we are one of the fastest growing moving companies in AZ and beyond. We know you have many choices for your commercial office move whether you are moving across town or across the country.

read more › As companies grow and evolve, they often find that their existing office space, layout, or location no longer fits their needs. Any office relocation is going to involve moving your office equipment. The initial excitement of moving to a more well-suited location and office space can quickly fade though as you get into the nitty-gritty. You're excited about relocating your office and are looking forward to the new office space. Aside from all the logistics that come with an office relocation, you don't want your employees to fall behind in their workflow because of the move.

read more › Everything went very smoothly - I have no suggestions for improvement. M3 communicated well, was timely, and had great respect for our time and for the facilities. I think attitude is everything and your team handles the ebbs and flows with grace. There wasn't a moment where obstacles defeated their professionalism. Overall your team should be really proud of themselves. Over 100,000 bottles of wine, close to $1,000,000 in inventory and not a single bottle was broken. Ricardo did a great job of trying to accommodate any issues that posed or potentially posed an issue.

read more › M3 provides superior moving services for businesses in office space across town or out of state to meet any diverse business requirements. We take every client request seriously, wherever you are going, so you receive the quality, service, and care you deserve during your time of transition. When you choose a company for your commercial relocation, let the M3 team of experts do the heavy lifting for you! We know you have many choices for your commercial office move whether you are moving across town or across the country.

read more › M3 can support you if you're in a warehouse or fulfillment center moving across town or across the country to meet your business challenges. We take your move request seriously and ensure that your goods and materials are properly and carefully inventoried, tagged, transported and installed to specification. At M3, we know what challenges to expect, and we have the experience to orchestrate a well-planned and seamless warehouse or fulfillment center move. We know you have many choices for a large-scale warehouse or fulfillment center move.

read more › M3 handles hospital / medical clinic moves with ultimate care to any location in the nation. We take hospital moves seriously to ensure high-end medical equipment and furniture are handled with precision and expertly transported using the best packaging possible. We are prepared to move every item in your medical space from freezers to microscopes and biotech equipment. The M3 team has the experience and credentials to manage your hospital or medical clinic move with care! We know you have choices for your hospital / medical clinic move.

read more › M3 provides superior laboratory moving across town or state-to-state. Laboratory moving is a delicate process, and M3 takes this type of move very seriously. We recognize the value of your laboratory assets, from microscopes to biotech equipment, along with the fragility of these assets. We use only the best moving supplies and equipment to ensure a safe and secure move. We know you have choices for your laboratory move whether you are relocating across town or to another state. When you choose M3, expect attention to detail, security for your assets, and a seamless transition by our experienced professionals.

read more › M3 offers large-scale moves for manufacturing facilities, from heavy machinery to delicate technology and everything in between. Whether you are moving your manufacturing facility locally or out of state, we have an expert team trained to handle every facet of a your project. M3 has served many clients in manufacturing facilities, and such a move must be well planned with a complete understanding of expectations. Leave your project up to M3 professionals who regularly assist on these types of projects.

read more › M3 offers relocation solutions for clients moving assets in and out of Stadiums and Arenas. We understand first hand the logistics involved when you're supporting your team or organization planning a major event and our project team can ensure we set you up for success. Let us show you why professional teams have relied on us to successfully assist them on logistics' support around the country. We recognize you have many choices for logistics support moving forward. With M3, we move your assets locally or nationally in the timeframe you require with a project plan that suits your needs.

read more › At M3, we have extensive experience assisting Universities, Colleges, and Private and Public Schools on their relocation needs. We have the capacity to accommodate the largest scale projects to the smallest requirements. We pride ourselves in having the expertise to provide necessary project planning and the ability to relocate any faculty or students accommodating your project timeline. We know you may have other choices for your upcoming University or School relocation project. At M3, you count on experts and not amateurs to handle your move carefully, professionally, and on time.

read more › If you have a project originating or ending up at an airport or you need to complete an airport-based renovation, M3 can assist you through your project. We understand the security requirements and standards necessary to assist and will develop a project plan that ensures you stay on schedule. With M3, you can expect high quality and expert services from a skilled and trained to assist you. We know you have many choices when it comes to your upcoming commercial project. When you choose M3, expect competency, trusted workers and superior talent to manage your critical project needs.

read more › M3 provides commercial moving services for events across the city, across the state, or out of state. The M3 team takes event setup seriously and meets your deadline for every occasion. We recognize the criticality in this type of move and we're prepared to follow your specifications for moving, configuration and installation. At M3, you count on experienced relocation experts that handle your event furnishings, materials and equipment before, during and after your event. We know you have many relocation and logistics' options to support your upcoming event.

read more › M3 supports a number of Hospitality organizations with FF&E assistance to ensure their project is successful. Hotel based project pose some of the greatest challenges the industry attempts to take on, and it's critical you partner with an organization that knows how to perform and the number of detailed variables entailed. At M3, we have extensive experience and the necessary software to assist you with any FF&E based project. It's critical to make the right choice when considering a FF&E partner to assist you on your upcoming hotel project.

read more › M3 provides superior commercial office moving support to meet any diverse business needs. We take every client request seriously, wherever you are going, so you receive the quality, service and care you deserve for your goods and assets. When you choose a company for your commercial move, let the M3 team of experts minimize your downtime so you can do what you do best! Rely on M3 to move your small business, from file cabinets to cubicles and office equipment. We use superior materials and a comprehensive system to ensure the perfect move.

read more › The M3 Project Management service is a valuable resource for the planning and implementation of your small business, corporate office, technology, fulfillment center or data center move. Across town or across the nation, M3 gets to know your requirements, develops a strategy, and carefully plans each phase of your move for a seamless, effortless transition. When you are ready to make a move, let the M3 team of experts handle your unique project. Expect M3 to first assess your moving needs. When possible, we want to meet your team to get a thorough understanding of every need and all assets involved in your project.

read more › Whether you have a commercial storage unit or a full-scale warehouse, M3 is committed to providing safe, temperature controlled storage and asset management services. Each unique commercial moving project is evaluated and a strategy and implementation plan put in place to handle your sensitive materials and assets. We believe a successful commercial move is in the details, and we take every precaution to ensure a seamless move for your fulfillment center, warehouse, factory, or lab. Receive the temporary or long term storage solutions you need and let our M3 warehouse experts inventory your assets and track them while in our care.

read more › While data, IT equipment and documents are some of the most valuable assets to many companies they are also a detriment when you need to securely destroy them. At M3, we take every precaution to properly shred and purge the data and media you need to destroy. We recognize the vulnerability in these highly confidential assets, and we follow strict standards and guidelines when handling sensitive material. M3 also takes pride in environmentally friendly systems to eradicate such material. Expect our M3 professional team to handle your data in complete confidence.

read more › We know how frequently any relocation project requires a solution for unwanted assets. M3 can not only assist with your relocation project, M3 has the expertise to find re-use, re-purpose, and re-sale solutions for any assets you are not relocating to your new space. At M3, we've provided liquidation based solutions for the smallest office suites to full office buildings. M3 is in touch with a number of Community Based Organizations to assist with getting unwanted assets back into the community.

read more › M3 has the skill set to accommodate any type of installation requirement, regardless of the types of case goods or modular based furniture you have. Whatever the size or complexity of your project, M3 can take on the challenge. We work for every industry to support seamless and streamlined installation services for your project. From furniture to fixtures, M3 can assist in installing your assets at the highest level of care and professionalism. The M3 team is ready to assist in disassembling and reassembling any type of cubicle and M3 has experience with all manufacturers.

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