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Remington Moving & Storage Remington Moving & Storage is one of the best full-service moving and storage services you will find in the Los Angeles area. We give businesses and families moving into or out of Los Angeles County and Orange County exceptional service for an affordable price. With over 30 years' experience in the moving and storage industry, Remington Moving & Storage has delivered excellent moving services guaranteed to exceed our clients' satisfaction and expectations.

We will take care of the moving, packing, and storage for you! The Remington team is renowned for providing complete moving, packing, and storage solutions. We carefully package your belongs, store the items you can't take with you right away, and transport and unpack everything that you are taking with you. We're also known for helping people moving out of L.A. and moving up.

From start to finish, our team of experienced and professional moving specialists is here to accommodate and assist you throughout your entire moving process. We have a variety of moving services to suit each of our clients' financial and moving needs.

read more › Remington Moving & Storage is committed to serving you and gaining your 100% customer satisfaction. Our customers are the most important assets of our business, and so we take extra steps to ensure their satisfaction. Our individualized storage, packing, and moving services will meet your price range and unique preferences. We have also created special moving services and special storage services. These special services were created to personalize your move and ensure the quality and effectiveness of our services.

read more › Remington provides a wide range of services. Remington is unique because it differentiates between the different types of moving. We offer moving in various areas in the Southern California region and we pride ourselves on our ability to work with you to devise a plan suitable to your moving and storage needs. We know that your preferences when moving, or storing the items in, your home are very different than your requests for moving an office. Thus, we have specific employees for the specific areas in which you choose to move.

read more › The best moving experience I've ever had. The guys were relentless in their efforts to both protect my possessions and move them quickly. I will recommend Remington Movers to everyone I know who is moving and will use your services again. Our crew were polite and worked extremely hard for our move. Cesar was a great foreman and the whole crew worked non stop to complete our 3 bed 3 bath move in a single day. Everyone was professional and courteous. I will definitely recommend Remington to our friends.

read more › Make a move in the right direction by hiring Remington Moving & Storage-the #1 moving and storage company in Los Angeles County! Moving can be incredibly stressful and exhausting. Let our experienced and trained moving experts do the job. You can't beat our exceptional moving services if you are moving into or out of Los Angele and Orange County! Whether it be residential, commercial, local or international moving, we can accommodate and assist you throughout your entire move. We offer a variety of first-class services that are 100% licensed and insured, from GPS tracking for security to pads to protect your items.

read more › Remington Moving & Storage is considered one of the best local moving companies in Los Angeles and Orange County and provides professional moving services to thousands of customers each year. Our professional, caring and efficient local movers are trained to provide you with high quality service. Local relocation is our specialty, and we pride ourselves on our ability to successfully move you locally. This is what we do most, and what we do best. We can accommodate your local moving needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

read more › For the best possible move, especially when moving across the state of California, you need a fully trained team to take care of the packing, transporting, and storing. Based in Los Angeles, Remington Moving & Storage gives you a personal and caring long-distance moving experience treating your belongings as we would our own. We help families and companies moving out of Los Angeles County and Orange County. When you seek a long-distance mover, you want a company that could provide you with a full-service and secure move at an affordable price.

read more › Looking for a professional, and efficient, interstate mover? Look no further! Remington Moving & Storage helps clients moving out of L.A. and into Nevada, Arizona, or Oregon. We help anyone currently living in Los Angeles or Orange County with packing and moving their belongings to a new state. Remington interstate moving staff is fully trained, professional, and exceptional. They are ready to help you with your interstate move as soon as you are ready. The resources and expertise we provide for interstate moving are best matched to do the job.

read more › At Remington, we are renowned for moving the most eclectic of things. We offer a variety of special services, ensuring that we have an option for your moving desire. If we don't have a special service you require, we'll create one! We specialize in carefully moving your fine art, antiques, pianos, packing and unpacking your items, and even removing your junk! We have different strategies to effectively perform the different special services we provide. We even provide different types of services for different types of people, proving our commitment to individualizing your move.

read more › While moving to a new home can be very exciting, the thought of packing and transporting all your belongings can seem extremely overwhelming. The very idea of relocation can seem intimidating, whether it is the first time you are moving, or not. As a result, you need a moving company that is hands on, and trustworthy. You need your moving company to make sure that your existing paraphernalia is brought safely into your new home. At Remington, we value your belongings, and so seek to move them with the utmost of care.

read more › At Remington, we know how important corporate moving is to your business. For commercial relocation specifically, time is of the essence. It is imperative that your commercial move gets done right, and quickly. Remington provides unparalleled commercial moving services designed to save you time, money, and stress. When you fill out our commercial relocation quote, we will immediately contact you with one of our commercial moving consultants. Our commercial moving consultants will work with you to create a strategic plan for your commercial relocation.

read more › At Remington Moving & Storage located in Los Angeles County, our experienced piano movers will choose the best way to transport your piano safely to its designated destination. We will secure your musical instrument's delicate internal parts to prevent damage by wrapping it in heavily cushioned pads, moving blankets, and other specialized equipment to ensure its safety during the packing and transferring process. We serve movers across Orange County and Los Angeles, from families transporting a single piano to musical instrument vendors shifting to a new storage facility.

read more › As professional antique movers, Remington Moving and Storage is the best moving company for handling your valuable antiques with the utmost care and attention. We serve families and companies relocating into or out of Los Angeles County and Orange County - including interstate moving with precious antiques. We have more than 30 years of experience transporting treasured heirlooms, such as chairs, desks, saw machines, sofas, mirrors, pictures, and art. Your antiques are just as important to us as they are to you.

read more › Remington Moving & Storage is the most reputable and trustworthy storage provider in the Los Angeles area. We provide the best storage service solutions and warehouse security. Whether you are moving your household items, clearing out your basement, or in need of more storage space for your business, Remington Moving & Storage can help! Our experienced storage specialists are happy to assist families and companies moving into or out of Los Angeles County or Orange County. Our clients will have access to our huge and secured warehouses that we equip with a state-of-the-art video alarm surveillance system and security professionals.

read more › One main aspect that differentiates Remington from competing moving & storage companies, is our ability to offer you special services. At Remington, we are always thinking of our customers and how we can better aid them in the moving and storage process. Additionally, we know that every move is different, and every move requires a different strategy. Hence, we created service options for the most eclectic types of moves. Remington Special service options are unique to Remington, and consist of an array of dynamic services.

read more › Do you have extra junk laying around your home? Remington full service junk removal is the solution for you! We offer junk removal services for your home or business including offices, retail locations, construction sites, and more. We're the junk removal company that goes beyond simply disposing it. We will recycle what can be recycled, and donate what can be useful to those less fortunate than ourselves. We will take anything from old furniture, appliances, tires, to yard waste. Why should you keep your house cluttered with all these unwanted materials, when you could have Remington junk removal take care of it for you!

read more › Moving your home or business out of Los Angeles could become a strenuous, costly, and very time consuming. One of the things people hate most is packing! Remington Moving & Storage provides packing and unpacking as part of our moving and storage solutions. Anyone moving into or out of Los Angeles County or Orange County can rely on us to take care of packing their belongings. Remington's packing and unpacking service will organize, clean, categorize, label, and arrange your things for a stress-free move.

read more › At Remington, we succeed in alleviating you of the moving and storage stress, by providing you with informative resources. Every member of our staff, no matter their title, knows how to help you plan your move/storage endeavor. When you choose Remington, you are choosing to rid you of both the physical and emotional weights moving/storing require. We seek to provide you with various resources, to assuage you of the moving, and storage, stress. We provide you with Frequently Asked Questions, Customized Planning Services, and Informative updates.

read more › Whether you're moving across the street, or across the world, moving can be overwhelming! Here, at Remington, we seek to rid you of some of the stress that moving entails. As strategy gurus, we believe that if you strategically plan your move, you will endure a stress- free moving experience. Additionally, we provide you with full service conduct, and various external services that are designed specifically to help you. As your full service mover, we, at Remington, seek to cater to all of your moving needs.

read more › Remington Moving & Storage recognizes that when you seek storage or moving services, you are probably inundated with questions. In an attempt to help you in the moving, or storage, process we have put together a few frequently asked questions, and there answers. A: The earlier, the better! Its beneficial for you to give us four to six weeks notice prior to your move, so we could plan your move strategically. The more lead time you give us, the more flexibility we have in terms of financing your move and timing.

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