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Shirtless Movers We blanket wrap all furniture, glass and appliances and then plastic wrap them for extra protection. We dessemble the beds and reassemble them for free with all our packages and hourly rates! You can rest assured nothing will be broken or scratched with our premium local and long distance moving services! We service all Minneapolis Minnesota, Phoenix Arizona area's.

Choose shirts on or off! Sit back and enjoy the view while our elite movers take care of all your office and household items. Have lots of junk? Great, let us recycle it for you!

read more › We take great pride in making all our customers happy and exceeding their expectations in prices and services. We want to bring a fun factor in the moving industry by making all of our movers not only extremely dedicated to fulfilling the customers needs but cosmetically appealing. With all our jobs you can request shirts or shirts off! If nothing is mentioned we will have shirts on. We will always stick to our word and never up charge once arrived. We value our customers by offering an agreed rate upon before arriving at the job site.

read more › Thank you for your interest in owning the greatest moving franchise in the world. We have experienced massive growth and we have a very well organized system that makes massive profits for you to own. We have a marketing system that works both online and off. Our brand sticks in the minds of all our customers and potential customers for life. We have a database system that manages all orders and employees to streamline our franchise system.

read more › Shirtless Movers in Minnesota is growing! We appreciate your business and would love to keep helping our valuable customers move in MN. We serve all area(s) of Minnesota including Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Apple Valley, Plymouth, Farmington, Rosemount to Forest Lake. We are licensed for local and out of state moves. We are a full service moving company which means we can move anything! We can move your piano or your car out of state. All our move jobs come with a 26ft truck, 2 elite movers, all the blankets dollies and tools needed to move anything.

read more › If you are going to move, why not have fun while you do so? A shirtless moving crew of good looking men could make this chore seem less of a chore. Our movers will help you with any moving job, no matter how big or small. You can move an entire house from one house to another, or maybe you need to move a few belongings to a storage facility, and then later on move the belongings to another location. We do that, and we try to make you smile while we work. Q. What is a shirtless moving company? A Phoenix moving company that lets the customers choose whether they would like their moving men to wear their shirts while they work or work without a shirt.

read more › Our simple hourly rates, whether moving around the Phoenix Arizona areas or Tampa FL and Minneapolis Minnesota areas we can assist you! We price our services based on truck loads. All orders come with a accurate estimate with no hidden fees. ShirtlessMovers is a different company with a new concept that will change the way you see this activity. If you are at Phoenix and Tampa Bay and Minnesota areas, YOU too can have full access to our moving services. We provide residential moving services, office moving and also junk removal services.

read more › We offer professional packing services in Tampa Bay, Minneapolis MN and Phoenix AZ Area's. We can pack all your glass and fragile items professionally in boxes using paper / boxes / bubble wrap. See below the pictures and videos how we pack our clients belongings professionally. 3 Create another protective layer of paper balls and then a flat sheet of paper to finish off your box. 4 Repeat this process if you have extra room in the box to fit more glass in. Use light dishes for the top layer and then make sure you put your top protective layer at the top.

read more › Among our services we also provide office moving. ShirtlessMovers serves Phoenix and Tampa Bay areas; if you are searching for a moving company in those places, we are the right fit for you! We combine affordability, efficiency, professionalism and a new concept that adds extra fun to the industry and the service itself, we are ready to serve all our customers in an innovative way: Giving you the opportunity to decide if the movers will be doing their job with shirts on or no shirts. The decision is all yours.

read more › We have 1 simple flat rate, we charge per truck load unlimited time and miles. Please call 1-844-301-MOVE or email for a estimate. Apart from offering residential moving and office moving services in Phoenix and Tampa Bay areas Minneapolis Minnesota, ShirtlessMovers also offers junk removal services. Allowing you to get rid of junk in a matter of minutes! Old electronics, heavy furniture and so on are no match for our movers. You name it and our dedicated professionals will get the job done for you.

read more › Instead, you can do what many other businesses and people are doing: embracing the comfort that comes with trusting professional moving companies like that serve Phoenix Arizona, Tampa Bay and Minneapolis Minnesota and that can be hired online with all the comfort you deserve. By trusting the pros you can have access to an efficient, fast and fun service. No more worrying about your items getting broken or damaged in any way. Professional movers will always make sure your items are plastic wrapped, protected with blankets and transported with the utmost care.

read more › We can deliver cabinets, appliances and piano's any item. We offer premium moving services which include wrapping all items being delivered with blankets then plastic wrapped for extra security! We will even wrap under your item! Please see our real life examples. Buying a item off Craigslist and need help moving to your location we can pick the item up for you and bring it to you!

read more › All jobs come with plastic wrap, blankets and moving straps to hold your valuable items in. We offer premium moving services which include all furniture glass and appliances to be wrapped in blankets and then plastic wrapped for extra security! Once this is complete we find all the glass and wrap that in blankets and plastic wrap. Then we put those items in last and in between the mattresses. Once all big items are in we start loading the best boxes in to create a good foundation and start loading the smaller items on top of those.

read more › Moved these really cool customers from their there older house to a new one in Minneapolis next to their best friend! We did a fast junk removal job for jason in minneapolis he was our first Minnesota customer! Another happy customer getting moved in Rochester MN we moved from a single family home to an apartment.

read more › How can you become a top moving company!? It starts with great branding and management. This is a brake down of our custom built $9,000 internal database system we use on all our move jobs. I couldn't live life without it! It's like a free receptionist. It notifies your movers when orders are assigned to them via text / email and clients when orders are en route and arrived and you as the admin. Movers can upload BOLs " finished paperwork " when done and charge clients all through the database.

read more › If you have hardwood floors put blankets down over them if the piano is going to go over them to get out of the house. Also put blankets down on any steps that the piano will be going on. Prep the piano by wrapping the blankets around the top, sides and under the piano. Use at least four blankets, however eight blankets is best, and at least two should be under the piano so its legs don't break off if you have to slide it down stairs or up steps if you take the floor dollies off. Then plastic wrap it to hold the blankets to the piano.

read more › Saint Paul city is the capital and one of the most populated cities in Minnesota, a state in the United States of America. The city is located on the east bank of the Mississippi river and has a large population of about 300,851 people. Thousands of people move to the city to work in the numerous multinational organizations such as Ecolab and the Xcel Energy Centre. Saint Paul also has the headquarters of the state of Minnesota and other important governmental organizations. The city also has important landmarks as it is found near historical heritage sites such as Native American settlements thus serving as a tourist destination.

read more › Farmington, a city located in the county of Dakota, Minnesota, United States of America. It has a total area of about 38.69 km2 which is dived by 38.05 km2 of land and 0.65 km2 is covered in water. The city is also very accessible and the Minnesota highway 50 and 3 pass through it. The city has a population of about 21,086 as highlighted in the 2010 census; the total household are 7,066 and has a total of 5,426 families residing there. The population density in the city is 1,435 people per square mile with 7,412 houses available with a density of 504.6 per square mile.

read more › Savage is a city that is found in Scott County in Minnesota State of the United States of America. This city is on the southern bank of Minnesota River in an area known as south of the River. In a census carried out in 2010, the population was 26,911 people. It is estimated that the population today is more than 30,391 people. The housing units are over 9,429, and it is estimated that more than 700 people move to this city each and every year. A number of moving companies offer unequalled moving services for people wishing to move to Savage or move from one city to the next, or one neighborhood to the other.

read more › 1. How long does the average move take? 3-5 hours. 2. How many movers do I get if I don't mention anything special? 2 Movers. 3. For houses that need all boxes moved and heavy items how many movers should I get? 3 Movers. 4. When does the clock start? When the movers arrive or when movers get in truck (depends on branch location and may change if a coupon is applied please confirm with branch location on your order). This will be disclosed to you before booking your move by email and over phone.

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