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Platinum Services Discover a new way to relocate or store your items with our Portable Storage Cubby Containers. Providing local moving services for Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, DC, and Northern Virginia. Even though Platinum Services, Inc. was officially established in 2005, its history goes back many decades and multiple generations. Joseph Smoot established Smoot Brothers Transfer in 1946, after completing 16 years of loyal service with the United States Army, the majority of which were spent serving in the European theater.

read more › Platinum Services provides local moves for Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, DC, and Northern Virginia. We offer Full Service, where we come out to your residence and pack, inventory all the items in your home, load them onto the truck, and deliver it to new your new residence. We unload, unpack, and arrange all items. You do nothing but point!

read more › The owners of Platinum Services have been providing long distance household moves for the Military, State Department, and Private Sector for over 100 years. Handling over 3000 shipments per year with less than.01% in damages. We take great pride in ourselves in the services that we have been able to provide; our office staff and crews are truly professionals. The fact that Platinum Services never leaves a shipment behind, that we commit to getting it done, and getting it done right, sets us apart from other movers.

read more › Whether you're moving around the block, across the country, or around the world, you're going to need some help getting all of your things to your new home or office. Luckily, Platinum can provide all the services necessary to ensure that your household items are received in a timely manner and without damage. In the over 100 years of experience that our owners of Platinum have, we have handled over 130,000 military, state department, and private sector moves throughout the world.

read more › Before we go any further, we at Platinum Services Inc. would like to offer our appreciation to every member of our American armed forces for their service to our country. You are what keeps us proud and free, and we cannot thank you enough, or often enough. That said, we know that military moves can be difficult. Often, you are called up and asked to move your family at virtually no notice. A short-notice move is hard enough on a single service person, and that much harder when their family is involved.

read more › Are you planning a "Do It Yourself" move? If this is something that you have done before, then you know what you are getting into and you know the type of assistance you are looking for. If this is your first attempt at a do-it-yourself move, then we can help you navigate some of the perils and pitfalls so that your move goes smoothly. You know that you have to get your family and your belongings from Point A to Point B, and whether your move is across town or across the nation, that takes planning.

read more › Reserver your portable storage container through Cubby Mobile Storage, a division of Platinum Services. Whether you're remodeling, painting a room, or you just need to clear out a room or rooms in your home or office, you've probably thought about renting a storage unit. This, of course, brings up a few issues. How will you move all of the furniture and other materials out to the storage unit and then return them, once you're done with your remodeling or renovations? Platinum Services has a great solution for you with portable storage containers!

read more › Unlike our competitors, we offer an unlimited range of storage options for your short- or long-term storage needs. If you need off-site storage, our warehouse is perfect to get your furniture, appliances, and other belongings out of the way for as long as you need. Located within a federally recognized hub zone and business enterprise zone, our offices and state-of-the-art warehouse facility, are located at 800 Gusryan Street in Baltimore, Maryland. Within this space, we are able to carefully store containers that can be easily stacked four-high.

read more › Are you moving a whole houseful of belongings and furniture? Do you need to clear out your entire office while it gets new carpeting or a new paintjob? Platinum Services rents 28' trailers for big storage jobs, whether they're staying on-site, moving to our warehouse, or relocating to your new home or office. We can provide you with one of our 28' trailers to help you with all of your storage and/or moving needs. When you call Platinum for a trailer, we will drop it off at your site, and you have the choice of loading it yourself or letting us load it for you.

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