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With our extremely low price of $35 per mover per hour, your move won't break the bank. Don't let other moving companies rip you off for the price of their moving trucks when you can rent one starting as low as $20 with local companies like Uhaul, Budget, or Penske. Other companies will make you get a quote first before you can move forward with your move.

In other words they let you tell them what you need done so they can decide what fees to charge you. With our straightforward price, there's no need for a quote. Skip that and book your move immediately. We are a college student run business from the ground up. We are a group of highly motivated, hard working individuals working to help ourselves with the high costs of college.

Not only are you helping us out with that by choosing us, but you are also getting the most fit movers possible for your move. No 35 year olds with back problems slowing it down! Most other moving companies might give you a base price but by then end of move you're paying an arm and a leg.

read more › We are unlike a traditional moving company in the sense that we do not supply the moving vehicle. With moving vehicles being so easy and cheap to rent nowadays with companies like UHAUL or Budget, it is cheaper for you, the customer, to rent a truck using one of their services and on the day of your move we supply the muscle. With truck rentals starting at as low as $20 and our services being only $35 per mover per hour, you are guaranteed to get the best price in town with us. Whether it's loading up the truck or unloading into your new home, our expert movers will insure that everything is packed carefully and put away exactly how you want it.

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