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We invest in training. No subcontractors. It starts and ends with our employees. Enjoy your move with our skilled and efficient local, piano and long distance movers and packers. I recently used Next Moving for a local move, and was very happy with the experience. I think they are a newer company so they had fewer reviews than more established companies, but since the reviews were virtually entirely positive, and they offered the lowest rate I could find, I decided to take a chance with them.

First off, they are one of the few companies I think that offer 2 movers (most companies require 3 movers for a higher rate), since. First off, they are one of the few companies I think that offer 2 movers (most companies require 3 movers for a higher rate), since I was moving into a small space I didn't have much to move and 2 movers was all I needed.

I really liked their flexibility in that regard. On the day of, the movers arrived on time. They came, had me sign some paperwork, and started working immediately.

read more › We consider a move local if the distance between pickup and drop-off addresses is under 100 miles. There are moments when you realize that it is impossible to move that bulky dresser or heavy safe easily, or assemble the million parts of a piece of IKEA furniture by yourself. In these situations you need moving help. What do you do? Call Next Moving to hire a helper and he will do it for you! We are offering a wide range of moving services without the use of moving trucks. We know for sure that pianos are not just beautiful, but extremely heavy.

read more › If you've always attempted to handle a move by yourself, then you have the wrong idea about what moving day is supposed to be like. Even if you're just trying to move a large piece of furniture or piano into another room in your house, you need professional moving help. Think about it this way. When your plumbing breaks, you're going to call a plumber to fix it because that's what they do best. If you have a leak in your roof, you're going to call the roofing company. Same goes for electric issues, flooring, HVAC, whatever the case may be.

read more › When it's time to move, there will be some items that will pose a larger difficulty than others. If handled properly, these items will get to your new location quickly and safely. If not handled properly, you could be left with a wide range of issues on your hands. A piano is one of those items that is sure to add to the stress of moving day. In order to ensure a successful move you should hire professional piano movers. They will take care of these large and expensive items and save you from massive disappointment on moving day.

read more › If you've recently decided to move to a new home, the amount of stress will begin to build the moment that decision is made. Many people will make the mistake of trying to do it all themselves, instead of using professional house movers. We never truly understand how many belongings we've accumulated over the years. You'll start finding things you thought were long gone. You'll have things you'll want to donate, sell, bring with you, or throw away. Simply sorting through these items can take forever, let alone having to pack and load it, unload and unpack it.

read more › Whether it's due to the long, grueling process tiring you out or the physical nature of the task, moving will always require outside help. This is especially true for anyone moving out of an apartment, due to the complexity of the move. Many apartment movers will neglect your valuables and disregard the structure of the building. This could lead to extra fees when you go through your final inspection. Luckily, good help is easy to find and can save you from a wide range of issues, headaches, and delays.

read more › Moving an office can be much more stressful than moving your home or apartment. Especially, if you'll try to do it without professional office movers. There will be plenty more valuable or expensive items in an office, more people to account for, clients or customers to take care of, all while continuing to put your business in a position to succeed without interruption. Many businesses will leave the heavy lifting, transporting, and packing of the entire office to the employees and managers at the location.

read more › Moving companies aren't only good for deliveries and packing up your house. They can also manage your storage solutions if you don't have room for your items at any given time. Having local movers and long distance movers that can provide a one-stop solution for all of your needs can save you from a lot of stress. There are going to be plenty of obstacles you'll encounter - whether at home or at work - that might call for a delivery date that's different from the pickup date. Whatever the case may be, we don't always have extra storage units in our homes or offices.

read more › Moving from one house to another isn't the only time you'll need professional furniture movers on your side. You'll find yourself in plenty of situations throughout your life where you don't have a truck big enough or enough manpower to move something. Furniture, appliances, pallets, and cargo deliveries are best left to professionals that know what they're doing. If you're in a tough situation and need extra help, researching furniture movers near me or cargo delivery service can save you or your business valuable time and money.

read more › We consider a move long distance if the distance between pickup and drop-off addresses is more than 100 miles. If your pickups and unloads are going to be within one state, your move is considered to be Intrastate. If your pickups and unloads are going to be in different states, your move is considered to be Interstate. Let's deep in and see why Next Moving is considered to be one of the best Interstate moving companies in the market. Sometimes it happens that your current lease is already over, but the next one hasn't started yet, or you already sold your house but still looking for a new one.

read more › You'll come across plenty of obstacles throughout the moving process. If you were planning on doing it alone, you could be putting your valuable belongings and your health at risk. Much like you would hire a plumber to fix your sink, you should always consider hiring intrastate movers to ensure safety when moving within one state. Moving will always look much easier than it is, so we normally procrastinate and slack off until the last minute. It's not until we start packing that the stress, frustration, and panic appear.

read more › Some moves will pose bigger challenges than others, however, and being ready for them is easier said than done. While many people will attempt to move themselves, this will seem impossible at times. Don't worry, it's completely rational and 100% recommended to look into hiring professional interstate movers to help you get your items from point A to point B. In the event of a long move, you'll need all the support you can get. Don't hesitate to seek help if your budget allows for it. You'd be surprised at how much you can save by leaving the job to a professional interstate moving companies.

read more › Our lives are constantly changing and plans are always being rescheduled or delayed. There's no way around it sometimes, but that doesn't mean you have to let it ruin your plan entirely. Especially when you need something picked up or sent for delivery, you need to be confident that your item will arrive where it needs to on time. Overnight delivery can be expensive if you don't have the right team to assist you. Whether it's for your home or your business, it's always better to leave overnight delivery to the professionals.

read more › When shopping for a delivery window service, it might be difficult to find one that can flex to your needs. You're bound to encounter a variety of different obstacles when trying to move something from one location to another. These obstacles will result in delays and disruptions that most moving companies won't be able to accommodate. There might come a time when you need something picked up from someone - or somewhere - without anywhere to put it. We've seen it happen plenty of times. Someone will be in the process of purchasing a home, but it's taking longer than expected.

read more › Nowadays, in order to know more about the company you would like to use, you just need to check what other clients say about their experience with it. Don't be shy. Share your thoughts! We respect our clients, that's why we are completely transparent. Even if the customer is not 100% satisfied, it's only a chance for us to be better next time. Every piece of feedback is an important lesson. It is hard to overestimate the importance of each review. They not only help us to monitor the quality and professionalism of our teams, but also help us to improve our services for the future.

read more › I have had several moving companies for personal and business moves the last 5 years. I had good and bad experiences with a couple that were on Yelp's top 10 in my area list. I saw great reviews for Next Moving Company so I thought I'd give them a try. They helped my family with a move last week and they were terrific. The reservation process was smooth including a facetime walkthrough to make sure we didn't miss anything. The movers were there exactly on time, heard all my requests, handled everything with care, worked quickly and efficiently, had an amazing attitude/personality, and most importantly got the job done with no problems and on budget.

read more › Our loyal clients know how focused we are on the quality of our services and the professionalism of our movers. If you haven't worked with Next Moving yet, we would like to show you our teams during the moving process. Sometimes, words are not enough. Let us dispel any doubts regarding our movers' quality and professionalism. We've collected a large photo gallery of our teams during the moving process and we are happy to share it with you. What could be better than the photos to describe the process of the move?

read more › We understand that there are a lot of questions and concerns before starting the moving process. Each particular move is different. At Next Moving we've collected a great amount of information that we are happy to share with you! You might think that news about moving is boring, but that's because you have never visited our blog. Stay up to date with our latest experiences! Being a company that incorporates the newest developments in the business, we are always ready to offer you the best possible experience and we are always looking for new objects in the field.

read more › We've all been there before. We could be downsizing to a smaller home or upgrading to a larger one. But we will always underestimate the chaotic nature of moving day. One of the biggest mistakes many people make leading up to their move is a lack of preparation and proper moving tips and hacks. Moving day has to be an enjoyable and exciting time for an individual or family. It's supposed to be the start of something new, a fresh start if you may. We often end up shooting ourselves in the foot leading up to our moving day by not seeking professional movers.

read more › One of the most stressful parts of having to move is the packing stage of it all. Most of us have the fear of forgetting something, trying to fit everything in boxes, breaking things down without damaging them, and not to forget all the emotions as you box up old memories. Decent packing hacks and tips can help to ease any moving process. While moving day will come with its own set of difficulties, there's something about packing that turns it into a moving week and sometimes a moving month. Even with professional help, there's a lot of packing that you'll be doing yourself.

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