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B&H Moving Services With professional movers, we provide the following services at affordable rates, to suit your pocket and sooth your mind. B&H moving services offers packing services and materials for both commercial and residential moves. We schedule all packing services prior to the date of your move. Our packers are well skilled and trained and have available to them the best materials in which to protect all your belongings.

When relocating out of the state, B&H Moving Services will provide an experienced truck operator who will carefully handle your possessions from start to finish. Our local agency will assist you in getting settled in your new place. B&H Moving Services will monitor your shipment. Our delivery mission is to provide the highest level of efficiency, costumer service and competitive pricing to our customers.

B&H moving services is not only able to move your full home or business, but we can also assist you with a door to door delivery service. Don't worry, we've got you covered! One of our goals is just to make it easy for you!

read more › We plan every packing job, and bring specialized materials. We use specific procedures for each item -lamps go in special boxes, mattresses are inserted in special bags, and flat screen TVs have special packing procedures. B&h moving services uses only the best packing materials, high quality blankets, boxes & tape. We also use heavy duty boxes for our long distance moves. We double wrap your items to protect them for the longer stay. Add special protection to ensure it will stay in great condition for as long as you need it to be stored.

read more › Our extra-care service begins when our trained representative arrives to help you plan your move, without cost or obligation. We give you an accurate estimate and detail the services we provide. We know about budgets so our representative tailors your move to fit your needs without sacrificing care or service. We understand that the care of your valued belongings is of utmost importance. Whether you're moving next door or across the country, your can be confident that B&H Moving Services will meet your relocation needs.

read more › Are you looking to move just one item or maybe a few items of furniture? It can certainly be difficult to find a reliable moving company that can offer just such a service. Often times it requires a few different companies to get the job done, one to pack, another to consolidate, ship, and then even yet another to deliver. Well, at BH moving services, we have rewritten the rules when it comes to shipping furniture, making the process a whole lot simpler while at the same time keeping the costs affordable.

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