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Experts in all transportation and delivery services - Artwork and large item moving professionals. High-value items such as fine art, statues, antiques / heirlooms, electronics, porcelain, neon signs, and more often require a customized wooden shipping crate for a higher degree of protection. Our top rated team of logistic experts uses secure and proper techniques to construct the finest pack and ship services.

We are a specialty team of expert delivery service professionals for all high-end and oversized difficulty shipments and deliveries. We take pride in being able to ship anything to anywhere and await your logistics problems so we can be the solution. Boxes for shipping do not just fall out of the sky or are readily available for purchase just anywhere.

When you need a specialty packing store Las Vegas Crating and Logistics is your one stop destination for all of your moving and transportation needs. Are you in the local Las Vegas / Henderson area and need large cargo to be held and stored in our secure warehouse?

read more › The problem often presents it's self that you need to ship something, only to find that nowhere offers the specific box or packing material that you need to safely mail or deliver your goods. Or are you concerned about how to safely pack and crate a valuable or fragile item? Save time, money, and worry when you ship with us. Call for a free quote and just bring your items directly to our shipping warehouse in Las Vegas, NV. We will store, pack, and ship everything for you. We have the man power and materials to take care of all of your local or international freighting.

read more › Moisture barrier bags are often refereed to as foil bags, alufoil bags, or Mylar bags. We recommend these as shipping materials as they are the most effective solution for packaging that you can find on the market to protect against all types of damage. Moisture, oxygen, salt spray, aromas, airborne contaminants, and grease are all potential hazards. What is a vapor barrier bag or VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors )? This is the protection between your items that are being shipped. High barrier bags are also used to preserve and protect products.

read more › Las Vegas Crating and Logistics offers a high level of specialty white glove services and delivery when it comes to packing, shipping, boxing, crating, and freighting all of your moving needs. Meticulous care is involved with each and every item you need delivered, packed, and shipped. We extend our business to not only local and residential, but commercial, state to state, and international if required. When shipping furniture or other types of delicate items, sometimes a higher level of handling and care is recommended.

read more › Take advantage of the diverse range of freight transportation and shipping services available from Las Vegas Crating & Logistics in Las Vegas, Nevada. Compare Specialty Shipping Companies to Las Vegas Crating Services for Cross Country Moves. Just because a freight shipment has a low price does not always mean you will get reliable service. LV Shipping of Nevada goes above and beyond to secure your shipment is safe, fast and secure. Safety and security. Our team will wrap, pack, and load your items onto our trucks or lock them up in our warehouse.

read more › Packing and Shipping near by your fine art has never been faster or easier to store or move. We specialize here in Las Vegas and all surrounding areas on saving you money with providing white glove services and transportation of all sizes of art from pictures to statues and more. Nothing is too large or small that we cannot properly secure and have moved and arrive at it's new destination. It has been our goal at Las Vegas Crating in Las Vegas to establish ourselves as the most reliable and dependable art and antique shipper that you will do business with.

read more › Electronics shipping requires a certain level of precision and attention to detail much like shipping antiques and glass, there are detailed standards, steps, and methods that we follow to protect your electronic valuables. Commercial and residential electronics that need to be packed and shipped from data centers and servers to computers, large screen TV's and conference room projectors, our shipping experts have you covered. We always make sure our clients' electronics are packed securely and tightly to limit movement, bounce and ultimately damage.

read more › Save valuable time and energy with Las Vegas Crating & Logistics located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We provide fast crating and packaging services using top-quality wooden crates. We build for commercial, residential, local, out of state, and international uses. Some items require special crates for safe transportation; that's why we custom-build each crate depending on your needs. Contact us today to request our services for your next move. Our mission is to make your next move as easy as possible.

read more › Las Vegas Crating and Logistics offers the custom packing and shipping solutions with ISPM 15 International Standards For Phytosanity Measures No. 15. We directly address your need to professionally ship with wood and materials treated with compliance with what is known as the "wheat stamp". All wood packaging materials such as crates, pallets, dunnages, etc. that require to be debarked and heat treated and fumigated with methyl bromide are stamped and branded. Las Vegas Crating and Logistics can provide all essential services and provied the ISPM 15 HT stamp for all wood products, timbers, lumber, and poles of almost all regulation sizes.

read more › Moving to a new location, whether locally, out of state, or to another country, can be a stressful experience for anyone. That's why at Las Vegas Crating & Logistics, we making moving easy and stress-free. Whatever items you need to transport, we can have them sent to your new location in a safe and timely manner, ensuring that no damage is done to your personal belongings. Las Vegas Crating & Logistics transports items ranging in size from a single pound to more than 2,500 pounds. No matter the size of your load or the type of content, we will ship it out promptly and have it arrive to your new location before you officially move in.

read more › Freight Shipping in Las Vegas has never been easier as we offer a freight shipping quote direct to you over the phone. Freight shipping costs can vary and by being the most trusted local freight broker in or near Nevada, our services are ready and available for all of your packing and crating services. Las Vegas Crating and Logistics offers a premiere crating and freighting center and warehouse to accomodate all of your storage needs. Is it easier to store your freight with us while waiting for ship and delivery?

read more › Our company takes pride in packing and shipping all of your freight and cargo needs and offer daily pick-up's, storage, custom insulated crates, specialty boxes, and more. We have a promise that each and every delivery has top of the line vehicles and moving services to get your job done on time. Your delivery will be on time according to schedule. Each and every customer we treat and care as if their goods and belongings were our own. For over twenty years we have been building relationships within the crating and freighting industry.

read more › As seen on the History Channel for over six seasons, Ricks Restoration's local Las Vegas vintage and antique professional Rick Dale does the best top quality restoration work. Las Vegas resident and local business owner, he and his team deal with some one of a kind extremely valuable cargo. Wynn and their casino and hotel properties are known for luxury, lifestyle, and top-end treatment. Their shipments and deliveries often require the use of specialized custom built crates. Ranging from memorabilia, slot-machines, gaming-tables, or large industrial freight, it all needs to be packed and shipped for local or international destinations.

read more › We wanted to showcase some of our work and adventures that we have had through the years. With so many unique and interesting items that come through our shipping warehouse and having to come up with creative logistics every day brings in new challenges. With over twenty years in the packing, crating, and freighting industry we have yet to meet a cargo that cannot be moved. Even though our central crating and freight warehouse is in Las Vegas, Nevada we offer packing and shipping services to area's both locally and long distance.

read more › We provided you excellent service and the cheapest rates for all of your transportation needs. Find your solution to any large scale freight, art, auction, trade-show, medical, electronics, and more right here. On time delivery with a trained professional team takes the worry and stress out of your hands and safely into any worldwide, international, or local destination.

read more › We Ship Anything To Anywhere has always been our transportation and delivery promise. Experienced shipping solutions and full services over decades of family owned and operated business. We offer locations nationwide including international resources. Our San Antonio, Texas Las Vegas Crating representatives are available to provide industry leading accountability with a personal touch to your local custom packaging, crating, and freight shipping tasks. Offering an extensive team of shipping experts from state to state our promise is to make your process a safe, affordable, no hassle experience.

read more › Las Vegas Crating and Logistics is your one stop destination for all packing and shipping needs. Custom crating, logistics, handling, and moving solutions for both residential and commercial clients is why we are here. We crate, freight, pack, ship, and transport your assets with professionalism and expert care. It is our mission and goal to provide you with the best packing and crating options to ensure peace of mind and safe damage free travel. Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, Anthem, Summerlin, Silverado Ranch, The Lakes, Pecole Ranch, Pahrump, Centennial Hills, Providence, Lake Las Vegas, Mountains Edge and more.

read more › Las Vegas Crating and Logistics proudly offers and provides their packing shipping and custom crate services to not only the local Las Vegas and Henderson areas. If we can get a truck to you, we will ship anything to anywhere. Our primary transportation and logistics warehouse we use as our hub reaches out to many local area's for all of your specialty moves, storage, and packing and shipping services. The entire valley of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas includes all of Clark County, Paradise, and Henderson.

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