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The Best Charlotte (TBC) Movers are Here For You! We are proud to be a Premier Provider of Quality Local and Long Distance Moving in the Charlotte Area. We pay attention to detail, always come prepared, and always provide the best in customer service and satisfaction. Allow us to serve your local and long distance moving needs today. We will protect your items with furniture pads, shrink wrap, bubble wrap and tape, all of the materials needed to prevent damage and scratches.

We always pay special attention to floors and walls, making sure that we avoid any unsightly marks and stains. If your items needs special effort to move, such as hoisting over a balcony or up to a window; we can do that! We work with a number of businesses in the Charlotte area that need ongoing moving and delivery work done. We have a truck that is all white, perfect for this type of work.

Whether it is for high end furniture, appliances or cargo, we are very experienced and can get the job done for your business today.

read more › Here at TBC Movers, We have provided packing services for many homes and businesses. We can provide materials, or you can provide them, it's up to you. We pack so that boxes are conserved, fragile items are protected, and that your things will survive the journey to your next destination. Do you need someone to move furniture around in your home or office? No moving task is too big, or too small for the Charlotte Area's Premiere Affordable and Professional Movers. We will bring our dollies to make your staging task go quickly and smoothly.

read more › There are some so-called movers out there that are charging super-low, too-good-to-be-true prices; however, they are oftentimes Inexperienced and not full time movers (may be college kids on break, day laborers, or summer moonlighters). They may not know how to load your items properly to prevent damage or to not crush your boxes. Some 'movers' are sometimes actually criminals, or vagrants that haven't been background checked, and are trying to hustle a quick dollar! They have no care in the world regarding your things, so if they scratch, ding or even destroy your precious furniture, it's no sweat off of their backs!

read more › I just wanted to say thank you for your help and provide some feedback about my recent experience. The two guys that came to do my move were incredible. They were on time, super professional but they also went above and beyond to help me get everything done. They treated all of my stuff well, including my two dogs. They were quick, didn't waste anytime and double checked everything with me before they left. They made me feel very comfortable and made something that is very stressful, less stressful.

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