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We are family owned, local, licensed and insured NYC moving company. Our crew is our backbone, responsible for hundreds of satisfied customers across NY and United States; we are able to provide you any type of moving service you are looking for. Our crew is fast, hardworking and experienced, which will brand your moving process calm and rapid. We help people relocate in a budget for more than 10 years.

With Adonis you can do an interstate move, within the budget of a local move. Adonis specializes in Residential (apartment / home), Commercial and Long distance / interstate moves. We offer loading / unloading services as well. If you are relocating to or from NYC, we can help you load the truck. We are proud to claim we have the best moving crew who would pack your lifelong valuables with extreme care.

Before every move, we wrap your furniture to make sure the building and the furniture is intact. If you are a victim or domestic violence, you will be eligible to a discount up to 90% or you can get a completely free move.

read more › I started volunteering to help people move when they were evicted from their apartments and since then I have been lucky to be afforded the opportunity to turn this passion into a viable and successful moving company. I also extend work opportunities to women who are victims of domestic violence and live in shelters in my cleaning business which provides an avenue of independence to the woman in this unfortunate situation I love what I do and do it with pride. Now partnering with Kishma Bryan with Douglas Elliman Real Estate an added value to your moving experience!

read more › Finding reliable, professional and experienced movers in New York City can be tricky. Finding the right crew with necessary expertise isn't a problem anymore. Adonis has several years of experience in residential relocation in New York and out of state. We offer wide range of moving services such as, local, long distance, packing, unpacking, cleaning, organization etc. Trusting a moving company with your life long valuables can get you paranoid sometimes. Moving is a very hectic process and Adonis makes sure your residential move is as easy as abc.

read more › Moving is not just pick up the stuff and load in to truck. Every piece we move has to be wrapped before moving. For example the furniture items have to be taken apart and then wrapped in blankets to protect from minor damages and dust. Similarly miscellaneous items are also wrapped in plastic, bubble or shrink wraps prior to moving. This is the basic packing and wrapping service which is included in every move. But then comes another packing service which includes, packing your apartment / home.

read more › We can provide you with a partial moving service known as unpacking. This is usually chosen when you move in to New York and want a moving company to unpack / unwrap your belongings. We handle your belongings with care and make sure your life long valuables are intact during the process. Unpacking usually takes less time than a full scale moving process because there isn't any need of loading / unloading and drive time between destinations. We offer unpacking service for residential and commercial areas.

read more › Adonis offers many services other than moving. Such as rubbish removal from backyards. If you are not able to find time to clean your apartment, home or backyard, let us do it for you. If you are not able to find time to clean your messy apartment, we can do it for you. If you have a backyard stacked up with garbage and junk, we can help you clean, so you can use it for parties or barbecues. At Adonis we work hard to make sure we provide you with service which makes your life easier. Living a healthy life requires a neat and clean apartment / home and we can help you achieve that.

read more › We can help maximize space and condense storage space and save you money. New York City is all about high rise buildings and compact storage places. If you are looking to store your stuff in storage we can help you disassemble your furniture items, pack them up and condense it into a small storage room so you don't have to go with a larger storage. If you need help reorganizing you garage so you can use it for the expensive new car for the winter or added protection from thieves breaking into your car we can help you with reorganization.

read more › Now you can enjoy stress free driving by the help of our qualified and experience drivers. Driving trucks can be hard. If you are hiring a truck for your move and cant access the commercial routes, hire a competent driver from Adonis. Commercial trucks can't take parkways and sometimes it can be tricky to figure out the commercial routes. Our drivers are trained for every single commercial route in every state, which makes us the most experienced and qualified driver Rental Company in New York City.

read more › Adonis has soft corner for college students. If you are living in a dorm and looking to relocate, we can offer you moving service at very reasonable rate. We understand the fact dorm students don't have lots of stuff to move, but moving companies charge them full service price. Student's time is most valuable and this is why we work according to their schedule and offer moving service at a time convenient for students. To offer better pricing to students, we will need to review valid student card.

read more › Adonis believes in "do good, get good". We offer charity/ community service at regular basis. We offer special moving service for victims of domestic violence. Trying to make world a better place by offering as much as we can through our "no or little cost" for domestic violence victims. Owner of the company Adonis Williams believes in serving the community in any way he can. To qualify for our domestic violence moving service, we will have to see the police report.

read more › Adonis is a full service moving company with way more services to offer than just moving. Relocation is a stressful process and we are here to help. After your lease is over, a good will gesture is to have your apartment cleaned up before handing over the keys. We offer apartment cleaning service at affordable rates. If you are not able to find time to clean your apartment you are moving out of, we can do it for you after loaded truck leaves for your new apartment. Price depends upon how big your apartment is and up to which level you require cleaning service.

read more › Moving in New York City can be tough. You have to deal with managements meeting requirements of insurance and such. Most of the buildings in New York City require Certificate of Insurance from the moving company up to certain limits. Adonis being licensed and insured moving company, offers Certificate of Insurance coverage up to 5 million dollars. Our Certificate of Insurance aka COI covers workers comp, limited and automobile liability ( most common requirements by building managements ). Some buildings won't let you move in or move out without the Certificate of Insurance from the moving company.

read more › Kind, accommodating, efficient, and very reasonable on price. Quick to respond, arrange, and execute. The ability to track the truck's progress through the Glympse app is such an advantage. Overall a flawless and friendly service. I would recommend Adonis movers to anyone seeking urgent moving services and well-planned relocations alike. I have to say thanks God for Adonis and his team! Such a great people and fast going! Prices are reasonable and they are organized. I had an issue with my building when it comes to timing.

read more › 1 If you are a victim of domestic violence or stalking please indicate when contacting us for special pricing and move times. 3 You will receive an SMS or email via "Glmpse" app which will allow you to track our arrival time and your shipment during your move. 4 Please don't pack books in medium or large boxes especially if you don't have elevators. 5 Please don't use boxes labeled extra large unless you're using them for pillows and or comforters especially if you don't have elevators. 7 To protect your mattress during the move you should purchase plastic mattress covers from your local self storage location.

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