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After years of experience as a foreman for some of NYC's biggest moving companies, Djordje (if you can't pronounce this, you're not the first) and his wife Olga decided it was time to start their very own. Too many things were being done wrong: customer were being 'stood-up' by their movers, and if you had a question after 5pm you had to wait until morning to reach anybody who could help.

That's where we come in. As a family operated company, we have ONE truck and a great crew. We're a family, so we know what it's like - and most importantly: we know how to help. We value honesty and diligence as the cornerstones of our work. Moving is not always an easy process. Packing, parking, stairs, and a million other factors come into play to determine if a move is quick-and-easy or a full day's work.

We can't promise your move will take our two-hour minimum. We can't promise you'll feel like you're on a beach house in Malibu the entire time. But we can promise this.

read more › There's lots of ways to get a quote: fill out our quick questionnaire, schedule a free in-house estimate with us, or send over pictures/quick video of the space. Whatever works best for you! We guarantee a quote same-day. It's that easy. Please list anything else you can think of, that doesn't fit into a box. Things like microwaves, AC units, large air purifiers, dog crates, baby gates, large wall art, etc. We're happy to help take things down or apart. However, we won't be able to mount the TV, secure the AC to the window, or hang curtains at the new place.

read more › Before my husband and I started our own moving company, we too faced the hornets' nest of moving. We faced scattered boxes and our dispassionate resolve to pack them, move them down five narrow flights, and gracefully usher them across the street - where, thankfully, we had found our new ground floor apartment [enter sigh of relief here]. They say bad memories are easier to remember than good. Which makes perfect sense, but at the time - it seemed so easy. No problem, I thought. We'll have ten boxes max.

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